Why This Little Girl Never Cries Will Make YOU Cry! You’ve Never Heard a Story Like THIS Before.


When we think about living another life, we often reflect on our own lives and think about the choices we could have made differently. We fantasize about living a life of luxury and fame. Very rarely do we imagine living another life in poverty and war. 

In this "Water Is Life" campaign commercial, a young girl from India never cries- not when she was born, not when her brother died, not even when she was the first to marry as a child bride. When you learn why this little girl never sheds a tear, even in her life of crisis, you'll be shocked. 

Turns out, the girl who never cries is, in fact, "The Girl Who Couldn't Cry." If this tear-jerking commercial doesn't emotionally hit you, I don't know what will! 

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