Will He EVER Figure Out That They are Trying to Announce Their Pregnancy?!


Thinking it would be a cute way to announce to the aunt and uncle to be of her pregnancy, the new mommy decided to display a couple of mugs donned with what would be the two's new titles. 

The unknowing aunt and uncle walk through the door and find the two cups. They both pick them up and laugh as they aren't really sure what to think of a couple of mugs and a stuffed animal sitting on their counter.

Finally, Aunt Kilian realizes what her mug says and she bursts out in tears. The man, on the other hand, watches completely dumbfounded, trying to figure out the reason behind this emotional outburst from his wife!

It takes him a few moments to catch on, but he finally does!

Although this pregnancy announcement may not have gone as planned, it was adorable none the less! Please SHARE

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