Wonder How Much it Takes to Burn off ALL Those Holiday Treats?! Good Thing I Saw This AFTER Christmas!


The holiday season is all about quality family time, giving
back, and of course … eating treats! Since it only happens once a year you
definitely don’t want to deprive yourself of your favorite Christmas foods.

It’s the one time of year where everyone can get away with
treating themselves to a little something extra, without the guilt! But have
you ever stopped and wondered how much exercise it would take to burn off all
those extra goodies?

POPSUGAR Fitness editor takes us through some of our favorite
holiday desserts and breaks it down for us. Instead of telling us how many
calories are in each (who wants to count calories during the holidays?) she
tells us how long we would have to run to burn off each treat.

All I know is I’m glad I saw this AFTER the holidays, and
next year I am staying far FAR away from the fruitcake!

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