WOW! This is What REAL Sportsmanship Looks Like! An Inspiring Story!


The Gainesville Tornadoes are used to playing to an empty stadium. When your team is made up of young men from a juvenile correctional facility, it can be tough to get encouragement, let alone a turnout for a basketball game. But for the Tornadoes, playing basketball is their reward for good behavior at the correctional facility, and they aren't about to take it for granted. 

The Tornadoes play against local high schools that have no problem packing gyms with eager and enthusiastic supporters. And when the opposing team heard about the Tornadoes' 0 fans, some players felt they had to do something about it. Watch the video below to find out how this amazing story unfolds! It not only shows us what real sportsmanship is like, but just restores your faith in humanity! 

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