You Have to try This Unbelievable Recipe — You’ll Never Eat Pizza The Same Way Again!


As a society, we’re always looking for the next best thing.
This desire for innovation has given us some pretty cool things, like
automobiles, sliced bread, computers … and recipes that take arguably the
world’s greatest food and make it even better.

If you’re a fan of pizza, which you most likely are (how
could you not be), then listen up because this recipe is for you! If you’re
thinking there’s no possible way pizza could get even better, you are so wrong.

Rosanna Pansino, one of YouTube’s most popular bakers, shows
us how to turn a pizza into a cake. The ooey-gooey cheesy deliciousness that is
pizza gets a major upgrade with this scrumptious recipe. The best part is, it’s
super easy to make!

To make a pizza cake all you’re going to need is pizza
crust, pepperoni (or any topping of your choice), mozzarella cheese and pizza
sauce! Instead of just rolling out your dough, adding the toppings and throwing
it in the oven, you’re going to need to cut out circles in your dough first.

After you cut out the circles bake them in the oven for a
few minutes, these circles will be the layers for your pizza cake. From there,
you line a cake pan with more pizza crust dough and start layering — circle cut
outs of pizza crust, cheese, pepperoni and marinara sauce.

Bake all your layers together in your cake pan and boom, you
got yourself a pizza cake! Who needs cake dough, frosting and sprinkles when
you can have cheese and pepperoni?!

Follow along the video below to get the full recipe and
learn how to make a pizza cake in just 10 minutes! I’ll definitely be making
this pizza cake this weekend!

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