You Know It Had to be a Good Performance When Even the Judges Give You a Standing Ovation!


“Only Boys Aloud,” is an all-boys choir made up of 133 young gentlemen, ages 14-19, from South Wales. 

Because the area where these boys reside is suffering from unemployment, along with the social problems that result from unemployment - this group was created to keep young men off the street. 

The group has been a safe outlet and an inspiration for the boys not only to sing, but to do something positive with their life. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from such a large group of kids, but as soon as the choir begins to sing - my mouth hit the floor. I had goosebumps from the start, all the way through to the very end!

And just when I thought Simon could never mutter a kind word, he gleefully remarks, "I really really loved what you did. I've never heard that song before, but I absolutely love it and I think you guys are amazing." 

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