You’ll NEVER Guess Who Stepped in to Help This Little Boy Overcome Bullying!


Jj Watt is one of the most feared football players in the NFL. But his intimidating demeanor didn't necessarily start off like that. In fact, he was even told that he was too small to ever play football! But what he may have lacked in size - he made up for in heart...pushing himself to be the amazing football player that he is today.

And this is why he might be the perfect person to help Billy.

12 year old Billy has been bullied and teased so much that he even began hiding out in the library, too afraid to go to class. But Billy has a dream - a dream to play football.

When JJ heard about Billy, his dream, and his struggles, he knew it was his calling to step in. What JJ does to help Billy overcome his bullies and the encouragement he provides for Billy to follow his dreams is incredible!

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