You Thought Your Lights Were Cool? This Neighborhood Is Taking Light Shows To a Whole New Level!


In Waikele, Hawaii, there's a reveling neighborhood that's taking Christmas to a whole new level. Forget your typical strings of christmas lights. These homes are coming together to form the largest collaborative art show there is!

The light show is four hours long and consists of a total of 60,000 light fixtures flashing to 14 holiday songs! Passerby's not only get to enjoy the delightful entertainment, they have the option to give back too. 

Waiklele resident, Keith Yoshida, was the mastermind behind the light show and wanted to do something good for the community. "We started a donation box, and every year the money that is donated is used to purchase toys, gift baskets and food for the Next Step Homeless Shelter," he said. 

Last year, their donations were able to feed 50 families at during the holiday season. If this doesn't portray the true reason of the season, I don't know what does! Enjoy their spectacular show and spread kindness everywhere!

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