You’ve Been Opening Pistachios Wrong This Entire Time. I Can’t Believe I Never Thought of This!


Pistachio nuts are a snack time favorite by people
everywhere. But there are always a few stubborn nuts that just refuse to open!

You try as you might to open them – with your fingernails,
your teeth, your keys, or whatever objects you might have handy.  But this usually results in a cut finger and
an unopened nut.

I always thought there were just going to be some pistachio
nuts I’d never be able to open. I accepted that fact and moved on. Until I saw
THIS video!

The guy in this video uses one simple trick to open those
pesky nuts. It doesn’t require any extra tools, just your hands and pistachios!

This amazing trick is so easy you’ll be left scratching your
head thinking, ‘how have I NEVER thought of that!’

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