You Won’t Believe How This Husky Keeps This Baby From Crying!


Being a brand new parent is tough. Not only do you have to raise your small human being to be the greatest person that ever walked this planet, you have to somehow solve the mysteries of their endless cries! "Why is my newborn baby crying?!" You have many options to solve from. He or she is crying from hunger, irritation, exhaustion, illness, sadness, fear, poop, pee- the possibilities are endless. One thing we do know for sure, stopping the baby from crying is the toughest part about a parent. 

But don't lose too much hope newbies! This brilliant dog might be able to teach us a thing or two about caring for a crying baby. This Husky manages to quiet down this newborn baby from crying just by howling! It's unbelievable!

It's no wonder why these parents got so excited and had to film it on video! Their friends and family wouldn't believe them otherwise! 

Looks like we need to teach our dogs to serenade our newborn babies from crying with their howls, too. Or, learn ourselves. Whichever might work.

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