You Won’t Believe How This Woman Fishes For PIRANHAS! Holy Smokes, It’s Terrifying!


Piranhas are found along the South American rivers and are omnivorous, which means they'll bite your hand off if you give them the chance!  But that doesn't intimidate this young girl one bit. She fishes for them as if they DIDN'T have a mouth full of sharp, deadly teeth! 

Watch as she fishes for piranhas the "easy way," by dipping in a piece of raw meat into the lake, standing only on a small ledge above the water. Within seconds she pulls out a handful of chomping piranhas and drops them into a bucket- with no fear! It's insane!

These fish must be tasty because this risky tactic is life threatening! Nothing could ever convince me to do this- not even a tasty dinner!

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