You Won’t Believe the Reason WHY This Cat is Swimming in a Pond!


Tired of his mundane, run-of-the-mill life, this cat yearned
for excitement. He yearned for a vibrant life where he could find joy and
happiness, even in the smallest of things.

So one day he woke up and thought to himself, “why not be
more dog?” And why NOT be more dog?! Dogs find joy in the littlest things. To
them everything is amazing. Fetching the ball, chasing their tails, playing
with sticks, snuggling – to dogs all of these things are simply wonderful.

Once that cat decided to ‘be more dog’ he started enjoying
life and living it to its fullest! He fetched, dug in the dirt, and even went
swimming in a pond. Although adorable, this inspiring feline tale is a very
witty and creative ad from a technology company called O2. The goal of this ad
is to remind us that there’s so much great technology in this world, just
waiting to be enjoyed.

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to becoming ‘more dog’.

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