You Won’t Believe What He Did to Make This Cashiers Day!!!


Daniel Fernandez was very fond of the cashier at his local
convenience store. She always took the time to talk to everyone that went
through her line and ask how they were. She had the ability to make ANYONE
smile and Daniel wanted her to know how appreciated she truly was.

Daniel picked out a card and put $500 dollars in it and then
took it to the cash register where Debi was. At first he told her it was for
his girlfriend but he eventually told Debi that it was really for HER. She
could not believe it! She kept asking her manager if it was ok and hugging and
thanking Daniel. When Daniel left the store he was SO excited that Debi was
excited and appreciative of the gift. It just goes to show you that sometimes
when you give something away, you get something even better back!

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