You Won’t BELIEVE What One Woman Discovers in a Bar Restroom!


Comedienne Tamale Rocks was performing at a bar called Cigars and Stripes in Berwyn, IL. She went for a bathroom break and discovered something so unbelievable, she had to document it and share it on the internet. In the women's restroom, right in front of the toilet, was what appeared to be your average full-length mirror. But upon closer inspection, Tamale Rocks found that it was actually a two-way mirror, behind it a janitorial closet that had full view of someone going to the toilet.

This is not only a clear violation of privacy and clear sexual harassment, but the owner's reaction is completely gross and despicable! When confronted with the shocking discovery, all the owner had to say for himself was "If you don't like it, don't come." According to the owner, he would rather burn the place down than take the two-may mirror out! How disgusting!

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