You Won’t Believe Why These Kids Are Giving up Their Letters to Santa


Christmas is just around the corner and chances are your
kids have had their list for Santa completed weeks ago.

These children were asked to write their letter to Santa
Clause and they didn’t even have to think about it. They already knew exactly
what they wanted. Once their letters to Santa were complete they were asked to
write one more letter. They were told to write a letter consisting of what they
would ask their parents for this Christmas. 

The kids thought long and hard before coming up with their
responses and they were quite unexpected. When writing to their parents they
forgot about all of the materialistic things they had asked Santa for and
instead asked for their parents to spend more time with them, to pay more
attention to them and to have dinner with them more often. When their parents
read the letters some were brought to tears by the simple requests their kids
had for them.

The kids were asked one final question…if they could only
send one letter would they send it to Santa or to their parents. The answer was
overwhelming and proved that you should spend more time and less money when it
comes to your children.

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