Young boy has miraculous recovery with the help of man’s best friend. This story will warm your heart!


A fatal car accident that claimed the life of his mother, brother and sister was what led to young Caleb's traumatic brain injury. Hospitalized with extensive brain damage, doctors and family members were anxious about the young boy's recovery. Regular therapy helped, but not to the extent that was necessary in order to get Caleb to a state of normalcy yet.

When doctors decided to try animal therapy, they noticed slow improvements in Caleb's health and general countenance. It certainly helped that Caleb's helper was a fluffy and good-natured golden retriever named Colonel, who gave Caleb the stimulation and energy he needed to feel motivated every day.

Now, Caleb is attending school like all the other kids his age, thanks to this special therapy, and he has formed a lasting friendship with Colonel. SHARE this heartwarming story with your friends on Facebook!

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