Ways to Repurpose Baby & Kids Clothes

Blog | October 28th, 2022

They grow up so fast but parents and family want to hang on just a little while longer! Oh, how those cute little shoes and first Easter dress tug at your heart. Or the tiny suit like Daddy’s just can’t leave your clutches. Then comes the first day of school outfit or the scuffed-up, mud-stained baseball pants that slid in for the championship win. You can’t save everything, so what can you do?

Trash is not an option but no one else would want these worn and tattered memories. Thanks to sentimental people like you, there are ways to let go and let them grow, while holding on to some memories that you can continue to touch with both your heart and your hands!

T-Shirt Quilts

For the one who has everything, you can still give a gift that will be forever cherished! Memorystitch does a wonderful job of turning your children’s shirts from childhood to graduation and all of the memories in between into a heartwarming keepsake! Your child may get too old to let you hold them, but you can wrap yourself in these “days gone by” and almost feel their little arms around you just like they used to be.

Shirt Pillows

This DIY is called “men’s shirt turned pillow.” And that’s perfect if it’s a man’s shirt you want to save. But why not make tiny kid pillows from little kid shirts? How cute would they be as a touch of decor on their bed or rocking chair? Or how comforting to hold on a bad day? So many uses and so many shirts to make from so many clothes!

Baby Blankets

Many toddlers have a blanket, “bankey,” “mankey,” or whatever comforting name they choose to give it! Comfort and security are everything to a young child and far better than a store-bought blanket is one that overflows with recognizable memories! Just like the adult version above, give your little one the sights he/she will remember as they wrap up in snuggles and smiles with what will become a best friend for wiping tears to lulling them to sleep! Check out Memorystich for this one, too!

Memory Christmas Ornaments

When you can’t part with baby’s first Christmas outfit, make it into an ornament! Each year, that first, second, third, and beyond holiday special can be the corresponding ornament for the same year. Be sure to include the cute buttons, bows, and appliques, and of course make two! One for them when they grow up to appreciate it and one for you because you appreciate it NOW! Here’s how it’s done. If you can’t seem to make a needle and thread work, try a glue gun! They work like magic where thread just won’t happen.

Angel Memory Bear

This little bear doesn’t have to be from a heartbroken memory although if it heals a hurt, his comforting nature is there to help! But he is also ready and willing to be created from the best of happy times as well! Whatever his mission, this angel bear will be by your side to comfort, slip into a loved one’s clothing or simply snuggle and remind you to say your prayers!

Keeping it Close

If space is limited and the cuddly options aren’t your style, maybe jewelry is. You can keep part of your childhood, or your child’s, close to your heart using even a minimal amount of any article of clothing. Choose from rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more to keep a part of your child with you at all times. And maybe as they get a little older, give them a part of you to keep close. Their friends don’t have to know! 😉

Hairbands That Grow Up

There’s not much cuter than the flowery headbands worn by newborns. But, babies grow quickly and the accessories don’t. Snip and save those adorable touches and let them grow into a flower girl bracelet when she’s four. Or add them to her bouquet or garter when she’s a bride. You’ll have the “something” old part covered and if it’s blue, all the better!

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