Wedding Planning Hacks to Save You Money!

Blog | March 17th, 2023

A wedding can be expensive. 

But with some savvy budgeting and creative ideas, your wedding can look lavish while keeping it affordable.

Here are our top picks for savvy money-saving strategies that won’t sacrifice quality. 👰‍♀️💍

Set a Budget

List all the items, including wedding favors and extra services like an open bar. Then consider inflation cost over time as flowers and catering prices may increase, especially during the holiday season. You must also save some cash for unexpected purchases.

Track Expenses

Keep a detailed record of your expenses. It must include the deposits paid to vendors, payment mode, the date you wire the payment, and the confirmation date that the vendor received the payment. Don’t forget to save invoices and receipts for reference. Tracking your expenses avoids the tendency to overlook minor purchases. 

Find the Best Deals by Being Flexible

Vendors sometimes offer discounts for off-season weddings or those on Friday or Sunday. You can check websites to see if you can get a deal on a DJ or catering for booking a different day than you might have planned.

You can also find early bird offers if you’re planning far in advance. 

Instead of selecting a caterer from a big company, consider hiring a local vendor. Choose an affordable menu based on seasonal produce or regional specialties. It’s economical since many vendors work within a specific price point depending on the size of the event and the number of guests.

Other tips you must consider are signing up for a rewards credit card to earn points for your wedding day and honeymoon. Buying wedding items in bulk is another way to save money.

Hire New Photographers

Rising talents charge less for their services. To save some money, hire an amateur photographer and videographer.

It’s also more cost-effective to schedule your photographer’s services for eight to ten hours rather than the entire day. Even though you hire them for a short time, they will still capture the significant events at your wedding.

You don’t have to pay for hard copies and albums. Ask for a package that doesn’t include it. You can print the files later. 

Use Alternative Wedding Elements

Save up to $800 using a single-insert wedding invitation rather than the suite version. Instead of using multiple cards, send guests to your wedding website to provide all the information. 

Add candles to create a romantic ambiance and save money on flowers. You can add depth by mixing towering candelabras, shot glasses, and tea lights.

Combine late-night snacks and favors by giving out edible gifts that guests can consume instead of giving late-night snacks.


Every penny counts. With the right hacks and information to look for promotions, you can have an affordable but beautiful and memorable wedding. 

Don’t get intimidated by your vendors. It’s your wedding day. If you think that the cost is unreasonable, you can negotiate. Don’t get pressured with too many guests; you can limit plus ones. The key is to communicate. 

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