Why You Should Consider Remote Work & How To Land The Job

Blog | January 3rd, 2021

With everything that has happened this last year, working remotely has become the norm for most individuals. Now that most people have gotten a taste of it, many are not wanting to go back to the office setting. Some have even moved away from cities where they once paid expensive rent or mortgages. Businesses are now hiring remote workers from anywhere if they feel they are the best fit for the job, now that location isn’t as relevant. You might be wondering if working from home is something you want to continue down the road since we’ve all been thrown into this pandemic work environment. We want to share with you a few benefits to working remotely and the best tools to land the job if you’re currently looking for a new one outside of where you live!

Why You Should Consider Remote Work

Offers a Flexible Schedule

Not only does a remote job offer the convenience of not having to go into an office every day, but it also has the benefits of a flexible schedule. Depending on your company, as long as you get done what is needed for the workday or week, it may be that you don’t have scheduled office hours. You could define the working hours of when you start and end your workday.

No More Commuting

With remote work, gone are the days of sitting in traffic in your car and having to leave hours earlier just to get to work on time! Think of all the extra time you will gain by working remotely. You can use the extra time to do something you never had time to do before, like read a chapter from a book or enjoy your cup of coffee at home, rather than in a to-go cup.

Spending More Quality Time With Loved Ones

As we said previously, think of all the extra time you will have. This presents the opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones, whether it is immediate family, extended family, or friends. Feel the freedom of taking a family walk in the afternoon together, or actually being able to eat dinner before dark. You can be more present and cherish these moments without having to stress about when you have to leave for the office.

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Take Advantage of Work Being Remote

The beauty of remote work is that you can do it from anywhere. Try and make a list of places you haven’t been to yet. You know those places that you have never had time to go to because there was always the requirement of showing up at the office the next day? You could take a road trip, stay in the location for the workweek, and even take the family along. The possibilities are endless, as long as you have wifi and cell service, of course.

How to Land the Job

Now that we have given you all the reasons why you should consider remote work, we have a few tips to help you land the remote job.

Prepare and Research

Always prepare for your interview by researching the company that you are interviewing for. Look up statistics on the company, Glassdoor is a great resource to use to find information on the company, and sometimes highlights interview questions they’ve asked in the past or their typical interview processes. Prepare by reviewing your resume and consider reaching out to a trusted colleague for any critiques or improvements.

Create a Comfortable Interview Space 

Since you are doing the interview virtually, take advantage of the fact that you are home, and create your own comfortable space to help calm any nerves. Maybe you have a favorite candle you want to burn, a motivational quote nearby to keep you focused, or a family photo you want to display. This will help ease your stress and create a comfortable, professional space for your interview.

Double Check Your Setup 

Since these interviews are mostly virtual, make sure your setup is ready to go. Double-check your technology; computer, video clarity, sound, internet connection, and don’t forget the lighting! These are all important factors to make sure your interview goes smoothly, so you can focus fully on answering the questions without any unnecessary distractions.

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Take Notes and Ask Questions

Make sure to have a notepad that you can take notes on during the interview. You may want to make a note of the information they give you. You can also have a list of questions written down on the notebook to ask at the end of the interview to show your interest in the company and position. This is where your research can help you stand above the rest.

Working remotely is new to everyone, so know that employers are understanding if any obstacles present a challenge during your interview process. These tips can hopefully guide you to feel comfortable in remote interviews, because remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. We’re excited for you as you embark on this journey to find your new remote job!