Win Your Costume Contest With One Of These DIY Ideas

Blog | October 10th, 2019

Winning a costume contest would be the ultimate in knowing your Halloween knowledge is top-notch!

The truth is, nobody wins the costume contest by taking the easy way out. But you can be the grand prize winner without spending a fortune, maybe not even a dime! Plus, you’ll save a bundle and clear out clutter using simple items and things you have on hand.  Whether you are looking for kids, men, women or couples’ costumes, here are 10 great ideas to get your Halloween on!

Needle and Thread

So, you’ll need some bendable cardboard (Amazon boxes work great!) and string, rope or yarn will have you put together in no time! Staple or tape your cardboard “spool” in a circle sized to easily slide into. Wrap it with the thread of choice and add some shoulder straps to hold it on. A flyswatter with the “swat” removed makes a perfect needle. This is a great hostess costume or for anyone that is working to pull things together and tie up any loose ends.

Green with Envy

This is just too easy to be so cute! Great for couples or best friends. A simple sign around one participant’s neck labeled “Envy” and the other person dressed in green. There you have it, green with envy! Everyone that sees this costume will definitely be envious for not beating you to it!

Gum Ball Machine

Kids, adults and pregnant moms will love this one! Gather all the leftover pom-poms from school projects and other endeavors that didn’t materialize. Any white shirt will do. Cover a circular area with the multicolored pom-poms. You can even enclose the contents with any clear wrap for an extra touch of reality! Wear red pants. If you don’t have red, sweatpants are a cheap fix. Accent other parts with felt or aluminum foil covered cardboard and you are ready to roll! For a precise tutorial click here.

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Deviled Egg

If you have a closet full of clothes that are too good to throw away but not good enough to give away, turn them inside out and you’ve got the fabric for this adorable costume. Start with a white shirt or dress. Cut out a yellow circle from felt or fabric. Sew or hot glue it on to your shirt for the look of a boiled egg. Grab some horns and a pitchfork from the dollar store and voila! You’re a deviled egg!

Clean and Dirty

Remember the deco-mesh wreath craze? And all of that mesh you purchased so you could make a fortune and start your own business? Then all of a sudden, every store had it available. Here’s your answer to how to put those leftovers to use! Poof it up, attach it to an old dress and add a piece of rope or thick string to transform yourself into a loofa! For the guys that don’t want to dress up but don’t mind getting dirty, this is the costume for him! Team effort at its finest!

Operation Game

You’ve played the game but have never been the patient. Here’s your chance to be on the other side of those tweezers! All you need is an inexpensive sweatshirt, sweatpants, red and white felt, and a clown nose; easily and inexpensively found this time of year. Best of all it will be a comfy costume on a chilly night. Follow this template for some easy to cut out body parts. It’s not as messy as that sounds!

Jelly Belly

“Jelly” (for jealous) is a term often used these days and it will be even more prominent when people see you in this costume. Clear bags from the dry cleaners would work great. Blow up small balloons and fill up the candy bag. Pop on a handmade jelly belly logo for the finish. You’ll have the sweetest costume in town!

Smarty Pants

It’s Halloween, so you have to buy candy anyway. Grab a bag of Smarties candy rolls. Hot glue them to an old pair of pants. You won’t have to say a word to be called a smarty-pants!

Ceiling Fan

Grab some electrical or masking tape and spell out the words “Ceiling”, or “Go Ceiling” on a solid colored shirt. Add any sports fan prop such as pom poms, #1 foam hand, pennant, etc. Anything you have lying around and poof, you’re a ceiling fan! No dusting needed!

News Reporter in a Hurricane

Anyone can pull off a win with this costume. Simply wear your oldest best attire, attach papers and other lightweight “trash” articles to your clothing, mess up your hair and finish breaking your flimsy umbrella as if the wind did it. Pick up a cheap microphone from the dollar store and add “The Weather Channel” to it for an authentic look. This hilarious costume will put you on the front page of everyone’s Halloween memories!