Work from Home, Make up to $22/hr as a Teacher with VIPKid!

Blog | October 25th, 2017

Work from Home, Make up to $22/hr as a Teacher with VIPKid!

Join a fast-growing community of elite educators who are teaching right from their home. Teach from home or wherever you feel comfortable, with flexible hours and opportunities to teach every single day, you’ll be matched with bright young learners who are eager to learn with you. Teaching materials are provided; all you have to do is log in!


    • Minimum 1 year of teaching experience in America or Canada
    • Bachelor’s degree
  • Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with a fast internet connection and audio/video capability

VIPKid Teacher Ashley W’s experience… Morning after morning, I wake up, get my two boys off to school, and then prepare a fun-filled day with my toddler. As we are eating breakfast, I gaze out the window and my mind starts wandering: “I truly love to be at home, but I miss teaching. If only there was a way to have the best of both worlds.” This wish led to my addiction.

Daily routine: Wake up. Get the boys to school. Eat breakfast. Play. THEN, the addiction…get out the iPhone, open the Indeed app, search for “work at home” teacher positions. Every time I found one that allowed teachers to “truly” work from home, I would send my resume and cover letter. After countless cover letters and resumes, I came to develop a sense that I wasn’t good enough. Other than the fact that I have been a substitute teacher for five years, hold a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and hold a master’s degree in Special Education…I just wasn’t good enough.

When I became “down” about not finding the right job to work from home with my own flexibility, I almost gave up. Then, one day, a miracle appeared! There it was on Indeed—VIPKID! My heart raced and I knew I needed to get my cover letter and resume out right away. Then, I would hesitate. Is this a scam or is it the real deal? Okay, one way to find out…open the “virtual book of EVERYTHING,” a.k.a. “the internet.” I read so many reviews posted online. Many positive and some negative. I watched video after video on YouTube of others teaching in the VIPKID virtual classroom. It looked amazing and too good to be true. What do you think I did next? Remember, I have seen so many scams. Do I waste my time or do I apply?

If you guessed that I applied, then you were RIGHT! It was only a few days later that I received an e-mail stating that they were impressed by my resume and wanted to set up an interview and demo. I was very excited, but still wondering in the back of my mind if this was going to be a real teaching position. Would I have students? Would I really get paid? How do I prepare for an interview and demo through the computer? What happens next?

VIPKID sent out another message detailing everything that I would need to do to prepare for my interview and demo class. There was never a guessing moment. I knew what I needed to do. If I had any questions or concerns, I would send an e-mail. Guess what? They would reply! They are real people working at VIPKID. This is a REAL company providing wonderful ESL curriculum to Chinese children.

After my interview and demo, I had training, and then practicum demonstrations. It was nothing short of what I already knew how to do, which was to teach wholeheartedly. Teaching always brings a smile to my face, which is one of the most important things to remember when teaching with VIPKID.

Quickly after the practicum, I was accepted into the VIPKID family. I say “family” because they are always there for their teachers when they need them and are always a ticket or Skype message away. There is so much support and communication that you are never left with unanswered questions.

Remember when I said that I was beginning to feel “down?” Now my life is amazing. I have the best of both worlds. I absolutely love working at VIPKID! I have a flexible schedule. It is required to have a minimum of 15 classes open during peak hours, but that is a very small number compared to how many classes I actually teach in a week.

I am able to live that dream I had about being a stay-at-home mom, earn an income, and continue fulfilling my love for teaching young children. There is only one reason that I am able to do all of this and that is because of VIPKID!

My family and I would love to send a huge “THANK YOU” to VIPKID! Thanks for making mommy’s dreams come true! VIPKID is the REAL DEAL!