SMS Terms

Receiving GetItFree Text Messages

If you’re receiving messages from GetItFree, congratulations! You’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of great freebies from the convenience of your phone on a daily basis. Not sure why you are receiving these messages? We send messages to users who have asked to receive them. however, you can opt-out at any time, it's totally your choice!

Amount of Messages

We try our best to limit the number of messages we send each user. Because of this, you will receive, at most, one message per day. In most cases, you’ll only receive a message if we think it’s something you’ll enjoy.

Types of Messages

Members of our text messaging program will get freebies of all kinds sent to their phones! Our team of freebie finders spends hours each day trying to find the best freebies on the web. Some freebies will require surveys, and some will not. It simply depends on what we find that day!

Getting Freebies on Your Phone

Getting freebies on your phone is easier than ever! Follow these instructions to give yourself a chance to claim the freebies we send you.

  1. Open a GetItFree text message on your phone and tap the link to be taken to the freebie.
  2. Follow the instructions and successfully claim your freebie.
  3. Receive the freebie on your doorstep!

Unsubscribing From GetItFree Messages

Not interested in getting these freebies sent directly via text message? That’s fine! You can easily unsubscribe from our messages by simply texting the word STOP to a number you’ve received a GetItFree message from.