Can You Guess Which Celebrity is Worth More?

Which Jen has a higher net worth?

Jennifer Lawrence is worth $110 million, while Jennifer Aniston is worth $200 million!

Which famous Chris has more dough?

Chris Pratt is worth $40 million, while Chris Hemsworth is worth $60 million!

Which leading lady Emma is worth more?

Emma Stone is worth $28 million and Emma Watson is worth $70 million!

Which Ryan has a higher net worth?

Ryan Gosling is worth $60 million, Ryan Reynolds edges the competition out at $65 million!

Which Tom is flushed with more cash?

Tom Hanks is worth $350 million, while Tom Cruise is worth a whopping $550 million!

Which Amy has a higher net worth?

Amy Schumer is worth $16 million, Amy Poehler is worth $25 million!

Which Ben is worth more?

Ben Affleck is worth $105 million, while Ben Stiller is worth $200 million!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.

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