10 Ways to Make Money Without Getting Out of Bed

Blog | October 26th, 2018

Believe it or not, there are many ways you can earn money from home these days, and you could even do some jobs without ever getting out of bed! Only in the 21st century, right? We’ve rounded up some of these business ideas for you. As long as your laptop cord will reach your bed, you’re all set!


Customer Service Agent

Many companies have realized that customer service doesn’t have to happen at a desk in an office building, so they are hiring agents who work remotely from home. You can find remote customer service jobs with employers such as AAA Auto Clubs, Amazon and the Home Shopping Network. Some customer service agents work online through live chat or email, while others take telephone calls from customers. LiveOps and Convergys are two companies to check out.


Drop Shipper

Did you know you can sell items online and ship to customers without having to warehouse inventory or handle the packages? Drop shipping is a segment of e-commerce that you can conduct in your pajamas. Research a retail niche, find a wholesale supplier who will dropship for you, and start your the e-commerce site or list your items on Amazon or eBay. Shopify has a comprehensive dropshipping guide.


Micro Worker

Companies use an army of micro workers for small tasks such as data entry or photo recognition. The tasks are varied, and they are usually very short. A micro-working job may only take a few seconds. Micro working is typically something you can do whenever you are available and requires no long-term commitments, making it a great way to earn extra pocket cash. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is the largest micro-working site.


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Web Designer

If you have web design skills, you can earn money building sites from your bed. Start your own Web design business and contact businesses in your area to offer your services, or sell your services through freelance marketplaces such as Upwork or Freelancer.



If you have great typing and grammar skills, you can find freelance work as a closed captioner. Video production companies typically contract out their captioning work to services that hire remote workers. You’ll be paid by minute of video in this line of work. Rev is one of the larger captioning companies.


Survey Taker

Survey taking is one of the most common ways that people earn money online from home, and it can easily be done from your bed, and many survey sites can even be used from your phone. You won’t get rich taking surveys, but you can earn some spare pocket cash. Try Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and Vindale Research to get started.


Video Editor

If you have video editing skills, there are lots of budding YouTube Vlogging Stars looking for you! Offer your services editing YouTube videos, corporate videos and more, and you can easily do the work online. Your customers don’t have to know you’re sitting in bed in your flannel pajama pants! If you don’t have professional experience, start by offering your services on a low-cost service site such as Fiverr.


Mock Juror

If you’re a courtroom drama fan, you might enjoy a side hustle as a mock juror. Attorneys sometimes use mock jurors to evaluate the evidence in a case and render a verdict before the real trial starts, so that they can fine-tune their arguments. You can sign up to be a mock juror at eJury or Online Verdict.



If you’ve always dreamed of writing your story, what are you waiting for? Kindle Direct Publishing has made it easier than ever before to publish your book and sell it online. Even if you don’t want to write the next Great American Novel, you probably have expertise in some area that you could turn into an eBook and then sell for extra money. One of the best parts of this side hustle is that you do the work once, but you can sell the book and earn passive income from it for years to come!



If you are skilled at teaching others, you’ll find a world of work as an online tutor. Sign up with to give students extra help in your area of expertise. What if you’re not a math whiz or chemistry genius? English language students worldwide seek out online tutors who are native American English speakers. Check out VIPKID or Verbling.