12 Free Summer Activities For The Family

Blog | July 2nd, 2019

People always seem to feel more free in the summer. Luckily, it’s easy to find a ton of great summer family activities that are also free.

1) Visit a Local Farm

When you stop to think about it, farms do a lot of really cool things. For kids, the experience of visiting a farm is very exciting. Many local farms attract customers with their farmstands and even opening up their grounds to visitors. Some even go so far as to incorporate fun family activities, like hayrides, animal petting, and more.

2) Have a Beach Day

Going to the beach is the ultimate free summer activity. Grab your picnic blankets and a cooler and spend the day with your family at the beach. Kids can swim, make sandcastles, throw a ball around, and dig holes in the sand. Meanwhile, you can relax with an easy summer read.

3) Hike Somewhere With a View

Take your family to experience the great outdoors on a hike. Try to find a place nearby that offers a view at some point during the hike. Kids will appreciate being able to see a bird’s eye view of what’s around them, as well as feel a sense of accomplishment for hiking something that’s seemingly very high up.

4) Enjoy an Outdoor Movie

Many towns and cities have places that put on a summer outdoor movie series. They’ll screen movies in parks and other outdoor venues. Most of the time these events are free. Do a search for free outdoor movies in your area.

5) Barbecue at The Park

While having a barbecue at home is great, you can also mix things up a bit by taking the barbecue to a park or beach location. Many places have public charcoal grills set up for this very purpose.

6) Throw a Water Party

A water party in your yard is the perfect activity for those hot summer days. Turn on the sprinkler and let your kids run through it to their heart’s content. Grab some water balloons and start a friendly water balloon fight. It’s easy and arguably even more fun than going to the pool.

7) Make Your Own Popsicles

Here’s another fun activity idea that also will help keep you and your family cool. Grab a couple of ice cube trays and popsicle sticks and let your imaginations run wild with all the different types of popsicles you can create. Fill the trays with the fruit juices of your choice, or combination of fruit juices. Be creative!

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8) Start a Lemonade Stand

Many entrepreneurs can trace their beginnings back to a simple lemonade stand. Even though it’s technically a business, it’s mostly a fun activity for you and the family. You can sell lemonade and any other homemade good that you want to offer. How about selling some of those delicious popsicles?

9) Go Stargazing

Here’s a fantastic evening activity for you and the kids. Find a spot with a clear opening to the sky and take your children there to look at the stars. You can bring along an astronomy book or download a free app to help see if you and your kids can identify any constellations. Even better, plan a picnic dinner at sunset so you can enjoy both.

10) Volunteer

Volunteering is a very satisfying and humbling experience. If you find the right volunteer opportunity in your community, it can be a fantastic activity for your family to share together. Check with your town or city on potential opportunities to volunteer. You can also search on Volunteer Match.

11) Go To The Library

Libraries are a fabulous hub for free activities. Go and take out some books or just spend a couple of hours reading with your kids. Check out their summer events calendar. Often times libraries arrange book readings and other fun events.

12) Attend a Free Summer Concert

Like with outdoor movie screenings, many towns and cities also offer free outdoor summer concerts. Check with your town or nearby city to see what they’re offering. These events are great for families.