13 Products You Definitely Need for Summer

Blog | May 23rd, 2019

Memorial Day is the annual unofficial kickoff to summer! So you know what that means, summer is almost here! The kids are out of school and the temperature’s hot hot hot. Here are the 13 products you need in order to have the best summer ever!

1. Waterproof Phone Protector

These days our phones go everywhere. They become a part of us. So much so that we can forget they are in our pocket until after we get on that water ride or dive into the pool. This waterproof protector (click here) will keep it waterproof safe as well as convenient when the perfect photo opportunity pops up. If you had rather not take your phone near the water, this case will also protect credit cards, cash and any other items that need to stay dry.

2. Water Fun

The SplashEZ shallow wading pool and water sprinkler will create a personal splash pad to your own backyard. Cool the kids with fun while learning at the same time. With a diameter of 60 inches, parents can enjoy the fun alongside the kids. Rest easy knowing the play area is BPA and phthalates free!

3. Sunglasses

This sounds like a given but how many times do we try to squint our way through a sunny outing because we forgot to grab a pair of sunglasses? Our eyes can be up to ten times more sensitive than our skin to UV exposure. So, protect your irreplaceable eyes with proper sunglasses while feeling more comfortable and enjoying your summer day.

4. Blizzard Rotating Fan with Remote Control

Even with air-conditioners working at capacity, summer’s heat can still be too much. Having your own personal breeze can be the breath of fresh air you need to keep your cool. The Blizzard Rotating Fan has a carrying handle, a remote control for convenience and a shut-off timer after it puts you to sleep.

5. Bug Zapper

This is not your typical bug zapper. This awesome indoor bug zapper plugs into an outlet and attracts flies, mosquitos, gnats, moths and more! The best part is, this bug zapper does not use any harmful poisons. Insects are attracted by a soft blue light in a 20-meter radius.

6. Food Covers

It’s summer, time to get outdoors. It isn’t summer without eating outside occasionally. But those bugs! Save your delicious meals with these six mesh screen food covers. They pop up for a quick cover and are collapsible for easy storage. The generous 17” x 17” size will cover most dishes. Defeat those uninvited flying meal crashers once and for all!

7. Electric Ice Cream Freezer

Nothing says summer treat like ice cream. And there is no ice cream like the homemade kind. Whether it’s a treat to cool down in the middle of a hot summer day, a delicious surprise dessert or relaxing around the fire pit… this electric freezer will be your partner in making some of summers best memories.

8. Beach Tent

Forget chasing flying umbrellas! Relax and enjoy your day at the beach inside this large four-person beach tent. Soak in the sun and have somewhere to escape for shade and UV protection. Pack a picnic lunch, sit back and enjoy a full relaxing day by the waves without the worry of a ruined vacation due to a painful sunburn.

9. Inflatable Serving Bar

Summer heat can mean food quickly ruins. You’ll have no more worries and no more waste with this inflatable serving bar. Inflate, sit on any flat surface and fill with ice. You’ll have a chilled bar or buffet in minutes, and hours of worry-free food and drinks indoors or out.

10. Multicolor Outdoor String Lights

Create a summer nights dream with these beautifully colored string lights. These bulbs can dim when used with a dimmer switch. Outdoor summer evenings can be magical with soft, colorful lighting. These lights are waterproof so no worries if a warm weather storm suddenly brews up.

11. Water Backpack

Hydration is extremely important for everyone. The hot summer months can cause dehydration before we realize it. Even more so for those who are active and on the go. This hydration backpack is perfect for those who enjoy hiking, running, mountain biking, skiing or any outdoor activity. Eliminate the need to carry bothersome water bottles. This backpack will keep two liters of water hands-free and there when you need it.

12. Bug Repellent Bracelets

Yes, it’s all about bugs again. Let’s face it, summer is full of them and any and every device that keeps them away will make summer more fun and enjoyable. However, bug repellent can be full of chemicals. Rest at ease because these bug repellent bracelets are made with 100% natural ingredients.

13. Floating Beverage Serving Bar

Eye-catching, colorful, whimsical convenience is written all over this useful conversation piece. No need to get out of the pool with beverages and snacks floating right by. This floating bar is equipped with five cup holders and a built-in snack, salad, ice serving chest.