13 FREE Engaging Games to Play Over FaceTime

Blog | June 9th, 2020

Virtual meetups on FaceTime and Zoom have reshaped how we communicate, but by this point, you may have run out of things to talk about. Keep yourself entertained during quarantine by playing easy and fun games with your family, friends, and even your coworkers as you navigate these uncertain times.

Here are our best ideas for games you can play to lighten the mood and bond from a distance. They’re all free, and only a few require preparation ahead of time. Without further ado — here are the 13 best games you can play over FaceTime. Use them to spice up your next call or meeting, and get to know each other just a little bit better.

Games With Children

Children may find it hard to focus during FaceTime meetings, so here are some games you can play to encourage participation on the next call with grandparents or family.

1. Charades — Children love charades. Set up easy clues and take turns guessing what each side is trying to act out. For even more fun, make it partner charades, either on the same side of the screen or on opposite sides of the screen for older kids.

2. Would You Rather? — Set up a child-friendly version of this, but be sure that everyone explains their unique answers. This game helps children develop awareness and critical thinking; plus, it’s a lot of fun finding out everyone’s answers and why.

3. Pictionary — Children love to draw. Take advantage of that creativity with a rousing game of Pictionary and tap into their vivid imaginations. Come up with some simple topics before the call and have at those drawings!

4. 20 Questions — Children may also get a huge kick out of guessing fun things. Twenty questions can help children learn critical thinking as well and encourage them to think a little outside the box.

5. Battleship — All you need to do is set up your half of the battleship board, and you’re ready to go. It’s fun, easy to set up, and can engage children for hours. If you don’t have a battleship, it’s really easy to print off a template from the internet.

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Games With Friends

There are only so many heart-to-hearts you can have before you run out of exciting topics to discuss. Try some of these ideas to get a unique conversation started.

6. Never Have I Ever — Getting to know friends more deeply is a fun way to spend the time. Never Have I Ever is a great way to learn about your friends and find out some fun new stories to tell. Have everyone make a list ahead of time to ensure smooth gameplay.

7. Truth or Dare — Keep it safe and keep it local. However, Truth or Dare is a classic game that can turn into a really fun night for everyone involved. Just be sure you’re ready to reveal some truths or perform some funny dares!

8. Who’s Most Likely — Another fun game to play with or without the official card set. You can debate each other over who is most likely to get married in Vegas or rob a bank. Give your friends a heads up if you don’t have the card game so that they can come up with their own list.

9. Storyteller Pass Along — Set a timer as one person begins telling a story. After one minute, the next person in the Skype call picks up the story and runs with it for another minute. Continue until the story ends, or you get tired, whichever comes first.

Games for Coworkers

If you’re meeting online, there are a few games you can play to break the ice. Take inspiration from these ideas.

10. Read My Lips — One person mutes their microphone and says a word or phrase. It’s up to coworkers to figure out what the person is saying during a specific time limit. As each round goes by, the words get harder. For a fun work twist, use common office words for your field.

11. Two Truths and a Lie — Now is the perfect time to get to know your coworkers. Play this game to find out new details and get everyone guessing, and most importantly, laughing. Send along guidance or boundaries to keep things light and appropriate.

12. What if? — This is another one that requires some preparation, but it can really get teams thinking and collaborating again. Pose some hypothetical questions and allow your teams to come together to talk things out. Collaboration is valuable.

13. Karaoke — If it’s a casual workplace or this is a nonwork meeting with your coworkers, a karaoke session could be enjoyable. Gauge interest (don’t just spring it on each other!), and if everyone is on board, go for it.

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Spice Up FaceTime

Our last few ideas are starting book clubsmovie clubspodcast clubs, and playing online poker! For the first three, either read the same book, watch the same movie, or listen to the same podcast and discuss your favorite chapters, scenes, etc.! If you’re looking to stay in shape, consider having one of your friends lead a group workout too! Online meetings and hangouts don’t have to be boring. Choose some of our fun games to get your creative juices flowing and spice up your next meeting.

Remember that FaceTime is a great way to keep in touch. While we’re waiting for quarantine restrictions to ease, it can offer the social setting that so many of us are missing. Now, you can put some games together and look forward to your next FaceTime instead of wondering what you’ll talk about!