13 Nearly No-Spend Outdoor Activities To Enjoy This Spring

Blog | May 13th, 2021

Spring is exploding with things to do and places to see even if it’s in your own backyard or right across the street! Bounce through the season and save a bundle by enjoying nature’s free outdoor activities! Put the savings toward a spectacular summer vacation or simply get out and have fun as you recover from the setbacks of the “C” word. Whatever your reason to stash some cash, let’s step outside and get started!

Bird Watching with a Twist

Birds can be found all year but the only springtime holds the magic of baby birds popping their less than feathered heads up to see the world for the first time! Be sure to keep your distance, so grab some binoculars and go on a hunt to find the precious new life tucked away in a tree or bush near you!

Make Meals Special

We have to eat, so “eat out” for a meal to remember! Some like it hot, some like it cold, but springtime is just right for roasting hotdogs and kabobs over an open fire or pack up something special for a spectacular star-lit dinner!

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

How many times do you see a cloud and think it resembles something cool? Spread a blanket on the grass, lay down and make a list or take iPhone pictures of cotton candy images! Whoever finds the most wins!

Be Bugged!

Make an educational bug collection! Get creative with things like designing a bug ballet, baseball, or football field. For the ballet, make a stage from a box and construction paper, glue little circles of lace, and place the bugs inside them. For your fields, glue green felt to cardboard and simple design it to look like the field of your choice! Attach labels identifying each bug. You’ll learn a lot and may have a school project ready and waiting!

Color Your World!

Grab a pack of sidewalk chalk for a dollar or less, then go outside and get creative! From a driveway mural to walkway hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and more. Your kids will love the expression and freedom!

Rock Collecting for a Reason

Rocks are everywhere and they’re free! With the whole family going at it, you can fill a flower bed or delve into rock painting! Check out Love Rocks On on Facebook for some great inspiration!

Hike Before it’s Hot!

While the cool breezes are still rustling through the trees, get your hiking boots on! Collecting leaves in the fall is common, so do something different! See what springtime has to offer for craft projects, table settings or pure, simple sightseeing enjoyment!

Team up!

Some famous springtime words are “let’s play ball!“ So get outside and do it!  Gather your own kids, family, neighbors, neighbor kids, and anyone else that wants to have fun! Play wiffleball, dodgeball, football…you name it! Go easy by using plastic bats and beach balls for fearless fun!

Sprinkle Fun Everywhere

Turn a sample sprinkler into a mini water park while watering your lawn at the same time! Crank up the grill while they play, there’s just something about the smell of a sprinkler and burgers cooking over charcoal that creates a lifetime memory that never fades!

Plant a Garden

Don’t throw away sprouting potatoes! Reap a new harvest by planting them! Carrots, radishes, onions, celery and lettuce are also great contenders for regrowth!

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Lazy Hazy Reading Days

Curl up with a good book on the porch swing or under a tree! Enjoy your favorite pastime while soaking in some vitamin D and fresh air. Make it free and filled with variety by checking out books from your local library!

Rainy Day? No Problem!

After making sure no dangerous storms are in sight, go outside and enjoy the rain! You don’t need an expensive pool or water toys when rainfall is free! The fun and giggles from the sprinkler in the sky will make absolutely unforgettable memories!

Go Camping

Some aren’t really into sleeping on the ground where bugs and other critters can approach you! Give things a lift and snuggle up with blankets, pillows, snacks, flashlights, and all things fun and cozy in the back of a pickup truck! What a perfect way to rest up from your outdoor activities while sleeping under the stars!

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