Gardening 101: How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

Blog | September 7th, 2021

You know it’s spring when budding flowers begin their groundbreaking, baby birds are calling for momma and winter trades it’s empty brown spaces for lush green with pops of color. If nature can do all of that, surely we can keep a few indoor plants thriving. If you’re just beginning and not yet a plant pro, start simple and learn as you grow!

Getting Started

Make your selections based on personal preference, then go from there. You’ll want it to be a plant you love to keep you committed. When you make your selection do a quick research on your choices. Choose plants that are right for you as well as your surroundings. Keeping in mind the size of your space, lighting and room temperature.The better you know your plant the more it will flourish. Also, starting with a young plant will give it time to adapt to the indoors.

Stick with a Routine

Having a plan and sticking to it keeps everything in order. When you get used to a routine, it’s easier to follow through with that plan. For example, water all of your plants at the same time each day. This will keep it’s elements consistent while preventing you from forgetting all together. Plants love familiarity. Sudden and drastic changes in temperature and care can shock your plant causing severe damage that delicate foliage may never recover from.

Make Use of Your Window Sill

Herbs are a perfect complement to your kitchen windowsill. Beautiful to look at, edible and a quick pinch for your special recipes. Some easy growing and tasty herbs are rosemary, basil, oregano, lavender, chamomile and mint.

What Plants Love

  • The best way to know what your plant wants is to carefully read the instruction tag that comes with your selection.
  • Most plants thrive at a consistent temperature of 65° to 75°.
  • Don’t overindulge. It’s better to underwater than overwater. The same goes for feeding/fertilizing.
  • Water less frequently being sure it gets to the roots rather than sprinkling lightly every day, starving your plant.
  • Most plants need six hours minimum of sunlight.
  • When placing in a window, check the temperature to be sure the heat is not too intense from the sun or the window is not too cold from outside elements.

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Go Easy

Some things are easier to go grow than others. So, you definitely want to start with something less complicated. Here are some ideas for good indoor choices that are not only easy but also come with a bonus.

  • Christmas Cactus: An easy to grow cactus that presents a surprise gift of beautiful blooms at Christmas.
  • Aloe: A sturdy plant that offers a quick fix for minor burns. Simply break off a stem and apply the gel.
  • Mint: Beautiful, thrives indoors, and perfect for the kitchen window sill. Pinch the leaves for a fresh addition to iced tea, an embellishment or to simply put a great breath-freshening taste in your mouth. Totally edible! 
  • Asparagus Fern: A hearty plant that is perfect for hanging baskets.
  • Peace Lily: Thrives indoors while being a bit of a show-off with its beautiful green leaves and white blooms in summer.
  • Cast Iron Plant: Slow growing and almost indestructible! If your thumb isn’t green, this plant is for you!
  • Chinese Evergreen: Great for indoors and lives ten years or more!
  • Philodendron: Simple to grow, adding some love to your home with its heart-shaped leaves. Easy to multiply, start other plants and share by simply rooting stem cuttings.

Plants give that extra something and a touch of warmth to any home. The oxygen they give off creates a healthy, mentally stimulating environment. When your plants thrive you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Use them to teach kids responsibility and how things grow. Plants are a learning process but an incredibly rewarding one as well. Enjoy reaping what you sow all year long with indoor plants!

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