2020 Gift Guide: How To Buy All Your Gifts For Under $100

Blog | December 7th, 2020

So here we are at the most wonderful time of the year. However, much of this year has been a strain in many ways, including financially. When your budget is low, but your heart for giving is full, it’s imperative that you choose your gifts wisely. It’s time to put on your Santa thinking cap and find a special gift for everyone on your list! Gifts that are great for the price just take a little extra time to find when shopping! Whether your gift list is filled with children, parents, teenagers, pets, your special someone, or all of the above – here are some ideas to help you give without emptying your bank account!

Gifts for Babies 

Baby Bottle Warmer

Price: $15.48

Babies love bottles, but not cold ones! They may not appreciate this gift at first glance, but they will definitely warm up to it! Have warm milk, formula, and baby food in minutes!

Comforting Security Blanket/Toy

Cost: $8.99

Babies need security and they love to snuggle. What better way to cuddle up and go to sleep than with a soft, huggable, animal-faced security blanket! It’s just the right size for a baby’s tiny hands!

Musical Activity and Sleep Toy

Cost: $18.99

The perfect gift for play or sleep time! It straps to any crib for lulling a baby to sleep or to play with when awake. It’s also portable, making it easy to take with you! Finally, it features five modes of classic music, five animal sounds, colorful lights, and volume control!

Gifts for Children

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

Cost: $13.99

Rock painting has become a cool pastime. This set is even better since the finished work of art will glow in the dark! Inspire creativity while having fun!

Grow and Glow Terrarium

Cost: $12.99

Combine science and learning with creativity and craftsmanship. Add a bit of responsibility and you have a gift that will keep on glowing and giving.

My First Pogo Stick

Cost: $16.99

Get the kids outdoors and active! This pogo stick makes a fun squeaky sound while promoting balance and coordination. It’s made with kids and toddlers in mind, but supports up to 250 pounds!

Gifts for Teenagers 

Novelty Socks

Cost: $8.99

Most teens love video games and these socks make that known! They are cute, funny, warm, and make a clear statement…do not disturb, I’m gaming! Enough said!

Throw Throw Burrito Card Game

Cost: $18.64

When you combine burritos, dodge ball, and card games, you have the perfect teen combo. Adding a laughable twist to game time will keep your kids safe at home or having clean fun with friends.

Color Changing Basketball Night Light

Cost: $14.99

Is your son or daughter on the school basketball team? If so, this color-changing basketball night light will light up their world!

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Gifts for Parents

Memories Photo Collage Frame

Cost: $25

Let your parents relive the glory days and cherished moments from their childhood, vacations, or any era that created a moment frozen in time. Every time they look at the photos, it will take them back to those precious days with you!

Dad Specific Gift

Telescoping Pick up Tool with Flashlight

Cost: $12.99

Wow, what a combo! Now, dad can find what he’s looking for and pick it up without bending over! Grab anything magnetic such as screws, nails, bolts, etc. It’s especially helpful in hard-to-reach places! This handy helper will be his go-to gadget for many years to come!

Mom Specific Gift

Blow Dryer Hair Brush

Cost: $17.45

Make life a little bit easier on mom with a blow dryer that styles as it dries. She will feel beautiful with her hair smooth and full of volume after using this time-saving device.

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Gifts for Grandparents 

Luxury Throw Blanket

 Cost: $15.99

A throw blanket provides the perfect amount of warmth to take with you anywhere. Toss it over your lap or use it for snuggling on the couch. It’s a terrific gift for anyone in the family, but grandma and grandpa will love having a little something extra to keep the chill away.

Set of LED Flickering Candle Lanterns

Cost: $24.99

Here’s the perfect answer for lighting a path during the night. A little light goes a long way in preventing stumbles and accidents. It’s completely safe with no real flames to worry about and comes in a set of two, just like grandma and grandpa! The cost comes in at approximately $12.50 for each and they will fit in with any décor!

Outdoor Wind Chimes

Cost: $17.99

Picture gentle breezes making a symphony of relaxing musical tones as your grandparents sit on their porch or patio. They’ve worked hard and have earned these days to simply sit back and enjoy. These soft melodies will help them do just that!

Gifts for Spouse or Special Someone 

For Her

Hallmark Holiday DVD Collection

Cost: $6.99

Give her a gift that keeps the happy holiday feeling at her fingertips all year long. We all need to slip into the world of happily ever after from time to time! This will be a collection she will cherish for years to come!

For Him 

Cost: $14.99

Classic Christmas DVD Collection

Everyone loves to relive their childhood days with the magic from classic movies of Christmas’ past! There are multiple sets to choose from and this is just one of many. Give it as an early gift to enjoy before the holidays, or make him feel like a child again on Christmas morning!

Can’t decide? Some people think gift cards are not personal enough, but in reality, it’s better to give a gift card than to receive something you don’t want! Give the gift of Amazon wrapped in an adorable Christmas gift box. You can stay right on budget by choosing your affordable amount from $25 and up!

Gifts for Pets

Doughnut Bed for Cat or Dog

Cost: $19.99

Give your pet the gift of snuggly, sleeping bliss with a bed that is totally irresistible! Your dog or cat will sink into the groove, encircling the bed that gives them the feel of comfort and protection.

Interactive Treat Puzzle

Cost: $11.99

Dogs get bored too, just like children! Add fun and games to their treats while breaking the monotony that often comes from just being a dog…or cat. Stimulate their minds by hiding treats, letting them figure out all the different ways of finding their reward. They’ll have hours of fun while feeling proud and accomplished!

Cat Roller Toy

Cost: $9.59

Your cat will love the three levels of play as he swats, paws, and hears the bells jingle. Keep your feline baby busy with engaging playtime!

Whichever gifts you choose for the special ones in your life, know that your heart is in the right place! So, don’t be too hard on yourself this year. Because when they love you, they will love any gift you choose for them! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!

*Prices are subject to change from the time this article was written.