5 Socially-Distanced Date Night Ideas

Blog | February 14th, 2022

Valentine’s Day can often be a simple one to celebrate. Spending quality time with your loved one doesn’t need to be expensive. After recent events of lockdowns and limits, masks and social distancing, we’ve been reminded of how special a day like Valentine’s Day can be. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day is often an intimate occasion. This is one holiday that is never a disappointment when spent away from crowds, safely tucked away in a socially distanced atmosphere. So let’s make this date night something special, and safe, for the one you love.

Fireside and Candlelight

No matter where you go there’s something incredibly romantic about the soft glimmering light of a fire. A beautiful atmosphere in your home can be more meaningful than a random restaurant. From a picnic style blanket on the floor in front of a cozy fire to a candlelight dinner on your coffee or dining table, sweetened with soft music and deep conversation, you will create a Valentine date to remember.

A Smokin Hot Date for Two 

A key component in a happy relationship is comfort, and food can be some of the best comfort around! So heat up the grill and smoke a pizza to fill your secluded date night with both, aka comfort food! A frozen pizza is inexpensive, easy and can be customized to make both lovebirds happy. Add this smokehouse cuisine to the flickering, fiery atmosphere above and you’ve got warmth, comfort and ambiance all rolled into one perfectly private, cuddly dining experience!

Customized Spa

Never let romance fizzle after the vows are said and real life sets in. That’s when you need it most! This doesn’t mean you should throw money away on roses that will wilt in less than a week. Instead, pick up some fresh, fragrant, red tipped stems in your grocery’s florist area. Head home, scatter and light tealight candles throughout the bathroom and around the tub. Fill the water oasis, then sprinkle with rose petals and organic essential oil instead of the same old bubble bath ideas. You now have a secluded, relaxing spa atmosphere. Wind down the evening with the gift of giving each other a deep tissue massage or a bottle of wine!

Play Bingo!

Make your own game card. Cut a sheet of poster board in fourths to allow room for a wish under each number. Use conversation hearts for markers. As each square is filled and a row is complete…BINGO! Each number covered comes with a loving task to be given to the winner. Options could be to watch your favorite movie, pick up dinner next week for kitchen relief, give a neck rub or even do the dishes. Sometimes the least romantic gestures can turn into something that stirs the heart. Play multiple rounds and rack up on IOU’s for future date nights! With this new game version, you both win!

Scrapbook Your Memories 

Use the happy heart date to plan a scrapbook adventure! Select a range of your favorite pictures collected on your phone starting with your earliest photos together to the most unique and memorable moments. Next choose a scrapbook, stickers, and accessories.  You’ll be creating a library and lifetime of memories, including the ones from this uniquely distanced date night!  And just think, you started it on the sweetest day of the year!

Whatever your agenda, being together is what counts. So add a twist here and a turn there with a splash of imagination to keep you and your love safe while making this Valentine date a night to remember!

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