5 Surprising Ways To Make Money During The Holidays

Blog | December 6th, 2018

It’s no secret that the holiday season brings a financial crunch to most people along with all of that cheer. If you’re looking for a side hustle, here are five surprising ways to make money during the holidays that will give you the extra cushion your bank account needs.


Work From Home Customer Service

Most brick-and-mortar retail business needs extra staff help during the holiday season, but that kind of scheduling may be too restrictive for your needs. Most people don’t realize, though, that retail companies also need a lot of online or over-the-phone customer service help as well. Companies like Amazon and Apple are big examples of this, where you may be able to find a position as a virtual chat assistant. There are also many other platforms you can consider to connect you with work from home customer service jobs that can rake in up to $15 an hour. 


Deliver Groceries

If you like more active tasks and don’t mind shopping, delivering groceries is a great way to make extra cash during the holidays. Obviously, most people get very busy as they close out the year and prepare for family events, so it’s not surprising that the delivery economy ramps up as well. Instacart is the major example that’s easy to get started with, where you’ll likely make an average of $11 per hour and up to $20 per hour. If you prefer simply delivering food and skipping the shopping, consider doing so for Postmates or UberEats.


Trade Stuff For Amazon Credit

If you’re a big Amazon shopper, then this option may be great for you. While you don’t get cash money in your hands, Amazon will give you credit to use toward Amazon purchases when you trade in your old stuff. Qualifying items include a range of tech products such as tablets, e-readers, cell phones, media players, video games, and more, including books. Amazon will also conveniently automatically give you a trade-in value quote for qualifying items you’ve purchased in the past.


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Work As A Virtual Assistant

It’s not only large retailers that get busy during this time of year. Sole proprietorships, small businesses, and parents also face an onslaught of items on their to-do lists. This opens up a huge opportunity to help people while making extra money on the side. You can find out more information on what that entails and how to go about getting connected with those jobs here.


Sell Holiday Craft Products

Crafty? Put those skills to work for more than decorating your own home. Homemade goods and craft sales go up astronomically during the holiday season., If you’re known for your knitting, model, or decorative craftwork then you should consider taking advantage of that this time of year to make some extra money and bring people joy. There’s rarely a better gift than something you know is one-of-a-kind and homemade. Consider listing your products for sale on platforms like Etsy.