7 Apps You Need to Start Your Savings Journey

Blog | August 9th, 2020

Saving money is easier said than done. One recent analysis found that about 45% of Americans have $0 in their banking accounts, and 24% have less than $1,000.

It’s never too late to build money-saving habits — especially if you have one of the following smartphone apps.

1. Acorns

Acorns helps you invest in your future. 

The app lets you invest spare change from your everyday purchases. For example, if you spend $3.95 on a coffee, the app would automatically round up to the nearest dollar to add those extra five cents to your diversified portfolio. 

Acorns assists you in building your portfolio by getting a sense of what your goals are. Experts in economics, like Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Harry Markowitz, build these portfolios to help you wisely invest your money. 

There are no minimums or trade fees with Acorns, allowing you to invest spare change until you grow a sizable amount of wealth. 

Acorns is available for iOS and Android

2. Mint

Mint has been lauded as one of the best smartphone saving apps — and with good reason. 

The app combines every bill, account, loan, and stream of income you have to help you monitor your payments. View them all in one place at a glance. 

You can even create a budget and get tips personally tailored to you. Mint also lets you check your credit score for free whenever you want without damaging your credit. 

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, general money-saving app, Mint has everything you need. Download it for iOS or Android

3. Clarity Money

Clarity Money provides a 100% free AI-assisted money-saving system. 

You can track all your spending to organize expenses, break down payments by category, and quickly track your transactions.

The app also monitors your subscriptions, like the gym membership you forgot you had or the music streaming service you never use, allowing you to cancel inefficient expenses. 

Instead of letting your money sit in a savings account, Clarity Money makes it work for you. Learn the best ways to invest your savings and earn more interest than if you only had a savings account. 

Clarity Money is available for iOS or Android

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4. Qapital

Qapital makes it easier to save for your future without imposing budget extremes on your current spending. 

The app motivates you to save money faster. Use goals like a college fun, wedding, or birthday party to remind yourself why you’re building wealth. Qapital helps you build discipline with the Rules option, allowing you to nip bad spending habits.

If you like accountability, Qapital offers a Shared Goals option. Tell others of your goals to keep you on track and add a little friendly competition to the mix.

Budding investors also enjoy the app’s pre-built portfolios to diversify your funds and grow savings over time. 

And if you like a challenge, Qapital offers Money Missions — fun challenges to make you think deeper about your spending. 

Download Qapital for iOS or Android

5. Digit

Don’t have time to even think about saving? Let Digit do it for you. 

Give Digit access to your spending history, and it will automatically save you the perfect amount each day. 

The app divests a few dollars each day into whatever you’re aiming for. Whether it’s a vacation, concert, or debt repayment, you can set up unlimited savings goals.

There are no minimums. The app even offers overdraft protection — it will pay your overdraft fee if it accidentally saves too much. 

Up to $250,000 of your money is safe in Digit’s FDIC insured banks, and the app protects your data with 256-bit encryption (the same security level as the military).

Those who can’t seem to make a savings habit stick will like Digit’s automatic, effortless savings system. Download Digit for iOS and Android

6. Twine

Twine helps couples save money. When both of you agree on a shared savings goal, such as for a house or vacation, the app gives you the guidelines and information to help you collectively save the desired amount. 

Each partner can contribute to the goal separately, but the app lets you track progress together. It can calculate how long it will take to reach your goal, depending on how much each of you invests monthly. 

You can set up as many individual or joint savings goals as you want. You and your partner can also have separate Twine accounts or share one on a single device. 

Twine lets you invest in cash or set up a portfolio to help you grow your income. The app tailors portfolios to you and your goals, allowing you to get started with as little as $5. 

You can get Twine for iOS devices only.  

7. Truebill

Truebill arranges a snapshot of your financial life — and shows all the ways money leaves your bank account.

Track all your subscriptions, poor spending habits, and other hidden expenditures with the easy-to-use app.

You can get financial reports to see where every cent goes per month and receive ways to save money and spend smarter.

Truebill provides tips to negotiate high bills, such as for phone or cable, to help you stop overpaying. It’s an app best suited for those hoping to tighten their expenditures. Download it for iOS or Android

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to lose track of every dollar you spend. That’s why these money-saving apps give you control over your spending and help you start your savings journey.

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