7 No and Low Spend Ways To Kick Off Summer!

Blog | May 16th, 2022

Memorial Day 2022 is Monday, May 30. Most schools are out by then, setting off the imaginary ribbon-cutting that begins summer break! That sounds great for the kids but often added expenses are concerns for parents and other adults. Even grandparents can run out of fun things to do!  Daycare is a costly necessity for many with summer trips and vacations running close behind. To help with ideas that won’t break the bank, here are some no-cost or low-cost ways to kick off fun times in the summertime!

Use Your Noodle

Your pool noodle that is! These can be found at dollar stores and will create hours upon hours of water and floating fun that cost little to nothing. If you don’t have a pool or water access, turn these versatile toys into some really cool crafts to keep your free time full.

Stand Up and Profit

There’s an old saying that says it takes money to make money. That’s true but it doesn’t take much to turn over some boredom-busting, kid training profits! Lemonade stands are great but homemade ice cream is better! For approximately $7 you can whip up a freezer full! Add a dollar package of styrofoam cups and ultra inexpensive plastic spoons then watch your cool business soar! Kids will learn the value of making their own money and customers will be thrilled to locate some truly homemade versions of this frozen favorite! Here’s to betting you’ll sell out in no time!

Camping on a Dime

If you have a pick-up truck or know someone who does, cozy up under the stars while parked safely in your own yard. Simply blow up your summer pool rafts, and add some pillows and blankets for a genuine above-ground camping spot. Grab some flashlights for ghost stories, a cooler filled with ice-cold water bottles, and stash some snacks from the pantry for a basically free, never forgotten, unique camping experience!

Fire Pit Picnics

Many already have a fire pit but if you don’t, make one! Clear a spot down to the dirt, line it with rocks, and fill it with sticks or leftover fireplace wood. Go on a hunt for some extra long sticks, then wash and rinse thoroughly in hot water. You’ll have an instant rotisserie for hotdogs, marshmallows, fruit, veggies, bacon kabobs, and more! This is summer dining at its finest as well as a great place for after-dinner relaxation and great conversations!

Go Grass Tubing 

This is similar to snow tubing but all you need is a grassy hill and cardboard box. Break down the box to make it flat. Get a running jump or have someone push as you sail the grassy slopes of summer! The sport is free and the giggles are a bonus!

Shake it Up and Bake it Up

Summer isn’t always sunny so don’t let those rainy days and Mondays get you down! The smell of baking is far more than Christmas holiday scents. Add some “cozy” indoors when it’s dreary outdoors. Plan ahead and stock up on basics that you need anyway and shake up your summer with homemade pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies or keep the taste of summer going with a delicious berry cobbler. Here’s another life lesson to cook up for kids while adding hours of fun and a special spin on summer!

A Dollar Tree Shopping Spree!

Give each child a dollar and splurge with a couple for yourself. With $10 or less you can create an array of summer fun and crafty projects. From sidewalk chalk murals to popsicle molds for cooling down to kite flying at the beach, let your imagination run wild to see who can choose the best items for the most fun in the sun! 

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