7 Sam’s Club Secrets That Will Save You This Holiday Season

Blog | December 13th, 2020

It’s no secret that holiday shopping can be stressful. Especially this year, when everything is so up in the air, you’ll want to find good holiday deals for you and yours. Luckily, Sam’s Club is delivering again with great deals to make your holiday shopping as effortless as can be. Unlock your holiday shopping and cruise straight into the new year with these 7 Sam’s Club secrets!

1. Sam’s Plus

Okay, we all love our Sam’s Club shopping and the great deals that naturally come from being a member. Have you considered joining Sam’s Plus? Sam’s Plus members get all the savings perks of Sam’s Club members, but they also get free shipping on every purchase, extra savings on certain items, 5 free prescriptions, and cash rewards with the Sam’s Plus card.

If you’re someone who buys your groceries from Sam’s Club and plans to make your holiday shopping rounds at Sam’s Club, you might consider the Sam’s Plus card. Like most things in this world, the membership isn’t free, but it’s pretty affordable. Read more here if you’re considering joining Sam’s Plus.

2. Big Buy? Big Savings!

One of the things we love about Sam’s Club is that you really can get anything there. From the smallest bag of grapes to the widest-screen TV’s, Sam’s Club has it all! If you’re making large purchases this holiday season, look no further than Sam’s Club! Sam’s Club has massive holiday savings for large items. 

Go to the shocking values section of their website, and you’ll see Apple Watches for $100 off, kids playsets for $800 off — basically, the bigger it is, the more you can save. Oh, and pro tip: sign up for the shocking values email alerts to learn exactly when items go on sale. If you want, you can easily unsubscribe after the holiday season.

3. Holiday Gift Guide

Sam’s Club has seasonal savings opportunities that are a blessing during the holidays! Their holiday cheat sheet allows you to shop specifically for your loved ones, whether it be for your kids, your spouse, or friends. Then, use featured categories within their holiday gift guide to save, save, save on popular items!

4. Last Call Alerts

This is something that Sam’s Club does that we think is awesome. On their website, they list the “last call” dates to get your products delivered to you by Christmas! Check that out here. For your reference:

Order by:

  • Dec. 16th at noon local time for standard orders
  • Dec. 21st at noon local time for express orders

December 21! Can you believe that? If you’re a procrastinator like me, this will be an absolute lifesaver for your holiday shopping.

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5. Organized Layout

Sam’s Club is awesome for a number of reasons, but when it comes to holiday shopping, we love the way the website is organized. Their holiday decor section is organized for every separate holiday item you need, so you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages trying to find that wreath you got last year.

The virtual Griswald shop is awesome and festive — you have to click the link to see what I’m talking about, and the Red and Green Remix gives an awesome rundown of all your indoor holiday decor needs.

6. Sick of Holiday Cooking?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been inside cooking by yourself for months. You don’t want to spend all day laboring over a hot stove. The Sam’s Club Member’s Mark food items deliver all the flavors and beauty of a home-cooked meal, without any work on your part — only cash!

With Turkeys, Hams, Pies, and more, Sam’s Club invites you to turn off the burners this holiday season and relax!

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7. Contact Free Shopping

And in case you were nervous about venturing outside of your home, Sam’s Club offers contact-free shopping so you can pick your shopping items from the comfort of your home and either drive to your local Sam’s Club to pick them up or have them delivered straight to you.

Save With Sam’s

So, we’ve seen how Sam’s Club makes saving really easy this holiday season with free deliveries (with the plus membership), a really organized website, and tons of savings days that will show you exactly when to shop for what your loved ones need. If the idea of over-packed aisles and the holiday shopping rush stresses you out, Sam’s Club has contact-free shopping to keep your mind and body healthy in 2020.

From all of us, stay safe and healthy this holiday season. Sam’s Club makes it as easy as possible to cruise into January with a happy mind, healthy body, and a full stomach. Cheers!