7 Summer Vacations You Can Take in 2020 Despite COVID-19

Blog | June 30th, 2020

It’s still early, but chances are you won’t be taking your typical summer vacation this year, thanks to COVID-19. That doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck, however. With a little creativity and some flexible thinking, you can still relax and make memories while staying safe.

Plan a Staycation

Staycations used to be for those watching a serious budget, but now, it could be your way to relax. Simple staycation options include camping in your backyard, for example. You can set up your tent and take all your “camp food” outdoors with you. Spend a few nights in good weather in your own safe space.

Another simple staycation option is to have everyone change rooms. Couples could find their childhood again and set up a fun blanket fort in your living room. Families, on the other hand, might decide to pack a suitcase and spend the night in someone else’s bedroom. It’ll be lighthearted and fun.

And looking for something really different? Try one of Airbnb’s “online experiences” designed to take your mind off your troubles without leaving your home.

Rent Land Instead of a House

If you’d prefer a secluded camping spot of your own, you could also rent land on websites like Airbnb. It provides you with a place to camp where you know you won’t come in contact with anyone else. Plus, secluded camping spots are romantic or a great way to spend some time with your loved ones.

You could also check a site specifically for camping, Hipcamp. It provides unique camping experiences that you can design to help keep you safe while you get in time with the great outdoors.

Rent a Camper or Houseboat

A small RV or houseboat could also be a great weekend getaway. Airbnb is full of houseboat options, and you can check with the host to find out what their precautions and protocols are for the pandemic. 

RV rental agencies are also simple ways to make a vacation special. Rent from a reputable company that has a COVID plan in place so that you know you’re taking the right precautions. From there, you can spend the weekend with your family or spouse without violating social distancing. 

Check Out Local Landmarks

When was the last time you toured your city? If there are places you’re missing or haven’t been to in a while, it could be time to don that mask and pretend you’re out of town guests. 

Take the time to seek out of the way spots that tourists-in-the-know visit. Relive essential memories in your life by going to your favorite brunch place (safely) or find a local landmark you’ve never seen. You could also make a list of local tours you could take on your own.

Take a Road Trip

The great American road trip is back, and we need it now more than ever. A road trip is a great vacation activity because you can adapt it to fit your needs. Want an overnight trip? Road trip to the next city. Looking to be gone a month? Yep, road trip.

Take precautions while you’re on the road in the same way you would going out in public. Use a mask while you’re out of the car to reduce transmission and try not to touch any public surfaces. It’s also best to keep your distance from others when out sightseeing.

Take a Day Trip

Vacations don’t have to be weeks long to work. If you decide to take a day trip outside your city, you could relax and have some fun safely. Day trips get you out of your town for a fun time without too much effort.

If you live in a more remote area, you could research some excellent spots a few hours away and pack a picnic. There are lots of fun little things you can explore close to home, but that will make a lifetime of memories. 

Visit National Parks (With Caution)

Taking in National Parks can be a fantastic way to learn about history, local wildlife, and local culture. Some National Parks will be opening up to reduced crowd sizes, so this could be an excellent way to get out of your house safely.

Do your research to find out which National Parks will be open and what new attendance policies are. Do your part by wearing a mask when you’re in public and taking advantage of wide-open spaces to stay six feet away from others who are visiting the park. 

Start by finding out which parks will be open closest to you and head there for a quick trip. For a longer option, tie in National Parks to your road trip or camping trip for local interest. No matter what you decide, respect the park’s rules, and make any necessary reservations before you go. 

Traveling During Covid-19

While this summer may not be quite the same as you’re used to, you can still take advantage of summer vacation to relax. Our list of ideas can get you started on your summer vacay inspiration.

Always be mindful of any changes to local protocols and wear your mask in public to help keep everyone safe. Areas that offer wide-open spaces are the best option for getting out of your house in-spite of social distancing but don’t disregard what’s available in your town or even your back yard. 

Take this time to rethink your idea of a vacation, and you’ll be on your way to making summer memories despite COVID-19. Anything is possible with a flexible mind and an open heart.

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