9 Affordable Hacks to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Blog | June 28th, 2020

During a time when so many of us are staying in, home really has become where the heart is! Although more and more places are reopening, a lot of people are not yet comfortable going where the masses are gathered. While you’re at home, you might as well use the time to improve your outdoor spaces. If your income has decreased during the pandemic, or if you’re feeling stressed and frustrated, we understand. Let’s check out some ways to make home happier, more enjoyable, and improve your outdoor spaces through these inexpensive solutions!

Sprig in New Grass 

This is an investment both in labor and patience, but not money. Purchase a few squares of sod that are suitable for your area. Break off approximately 2-inch squares and sprig them into your yard. Be sure to keep them watered and nourished. Over approximately a three-year period they will spread and you will grow a beautiful lawn at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods.

Log Stools

Check local yard sale sites for people wanting to get rid of logs or trees that have been cut down. In most cases, they are free if you pick them up. They can be cut and used for rustic seats around fire pits. They also work great as tables to rest a drink or plate of food on. Use them to play a game of STUMP the next time you have company over. Since logs are authentic to the outdoors, they will fit beautifully in every outdoor setting. If you’re not feeling like sitting on a log stool, then consider hanging a hammock up between two trees. Listen to the birds and relax with a good book or summertime smoothie in hand!

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Give Your House a Bath!

Anything looks better when it’s clean, and that includes your home! Even if the inside of your home is looking immaculate, if the exterior is grimy, moldy, and full of spider webs…it will leave your entire outdoor space less than desirable. Although not as good as a heavy-duty pressure washing, this house wash will give your home an affordable facelift. And best of all, it fits on the end of your garden hose!

Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain

After years of wear and tear, concrete often loses its aesthetic. Mud stains, peeling paint, and aging can take your concrete porches and patios from awesome to awful! Paint simply won’t work. Take it from someone who’s tried it! But redoing it all together is even more expensive! Save time and money with a good scrub down, thorough rinsing, and a coat or two of semi-transparent concrete stain. You’ll have an old area that looks brand new again. You can even choose a fresh, welcoming color!

Landscaping Fabrics 

Let’s face it, weeds are not welcome. But the chemicals used to kill them can be extremely harmful too. It’s well worth your time to lay down a strong landscaping fabric in messy, weed-infested areas. Top it off with a few bags of cedar mulch which flies, and many other bugs, detest. It will be like giving your yard a permanent haircut!

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Make a Fire Pit 

If you happen to have some leftover bricks laying around from a past project, they will make for a great fire pit! Simply place them in a circle stacking four or more layers high. Put some sand or gravel at the bottom and you have instant entertainment! Whether its purpose is simply for relaxing or roasting hotdogs and making s’mores…a fire pit is attractive as well as functional! Don’t have any bricks? This very affordable fire pit will pay for itself over and over again in time!

Concrete Pathway

When you’ve tried mulch, pebbles, pine straw, and more to make a pretty pathway (but it keeps ending up in a scattered mess), then go with concrete! If you don’t have all the time in the world, choose to do it in small batches! You can even lay concrete in the patterns of your choice thanks to concrete molds! These molds can be perfect for amateurs, or for going at your own pace while creating a beautiful cobblestone area anywhere in your yard!

Outdoor Lighting 

No one wants to sit in the dark while socializing, and blinding lights won’t offer the ambiance of a cozy, relaxing evening. However, a string or two of these small outdoor lights will give you the serene, imaginary setting of a peaceful dinner spot by the beach. If you have a tree on your property, string them through the branches for a soft and subtle glow.

Get Rid of the Bugs…Please!

No one enjoys anything outdoors with the constant annoyance of bugs. If you’re familiar with flies all over your food, mosquitoes biting your legs, and ants hurrying past you…then it’s time for an easy fix. Attract and zap with an outdoor bug trap. This may seem a tad pricey, but in the long run, you’ll save money more than if you continued purchasing can after can of spray chemicals (that can also be dangerous to your health). For the crawling pests, here’s an inexpensive tip…stop by a Dollar Tree and get some cheap cinnamon. Ants hate it and they normally won’t cross a line of it!

Stay safe and enjoy every precious minute of family, fun, and outdoor summer memories!