How To Celebrate 4th of July On A Budget And In Social Distancing Style

Blog | June 19th, 2020

Fourth of July is a summer celebration most people look forward to all year long. It’s a time when family and friends get together for grilling, swimming, and fireworks. But this year is definitely different and poses many challenges and risks to celebrating. Although COVID-19 still looms over us, we’re here to offer solutions! The suggestions we give below are ways you can adjust your celebrations to make the most of the holiday. Read some of the ways you can implement social distancing guidelines and celebrate on a tighter budget!

Dazzle Your Neighbors 

A new Halloween custom has surfaced over recent years that involves delivering surprise gift baskets on a friend or neighbors’ front doorstep. It’s called being “Booed” for Halloween, but there’s no reason this fun-filled idea has to be limited to pumpkin season. Enjoy the giggles as you ring the doorbell and hide, leaving behind a gesture of goodwill and happiness. How about bringing a smile by delivering a dazzling “Happy Birthday USA” goodie bag on the 4th? Include a beach ball, small fireworks, sparklers, or anything red, white, blue, and sparkly. Remember to disinfect it for safety measures and peace of mind for the recipient! The best gifts are often those that are unexpected!

Affordable Food

Holidays can be memorable without food costs being a money pit. Using a fire pit instead is a perfect way to get everyone involved, keep costs low, and makes grilling a breeze. Inexpensive food ideas can be hotdogs, ribs, grilled corn, kebabs, roasted marshmallows s’mores, and a buffet of filling side dishes like mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Simple foods also take the guesswork and worry away for those with food allergies such as gluten. What you see is what you’re getting with no hidden sprinkles of wheat flour that can cause painful havoc later.

Movie at the Drive-in

If someone you know has a projector and a white sheet, set up a yard or neighborhood drive-in. Stay in the comfort of your own car; just like a real drive-in movie. Hand out bags of store-bought popcorn, dollar boxes of movie candy, and cold canned drinks. Bring back the good old days of a drive-in movie and the recent days of simply getting together!

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Set the Stage for a Concert

Literally…set the stage! Are there any musicians in the neighborhood or family? Bring them six feet together in a local cul-de-sac for a patriotic music concert or sing-along. Tell the audience to BYOC (bring your own chair) and snacks. Add some fireworks, if allowed, for the finale to an unforgettable celebration! Another alternative is storytelling around a fire!

Dine Outside 

Moving mealtime outdoors will keep potential germs at bay. Tables can be easily distanced so that everyone can enjoy the warmth of summer. Changing things up a bit keeps celebrations exciting, fresh, and new. Have guests bring their own sides and drinks. That also keeps financial pressures from falling on one person. Hot coals or flames will extinguish any worries about the main course. So yes! Get together…just not as close together as in years past!

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The Real Grand Finale

Nothing closes an American holiday like a huge firework show to end the night. As long as it’s legal in your state, launch your own show in a remote location! Many lake communities have yearly traditions for how they view their firework show. So consider pooling money together with neighbors, family, and friends to make it affordable and spectacular! Adults can wave sparklers high in the air, and kids can play with Dollar Tree glow stick flags! (You can stay home and order a whole case online…enough to make every neighborhood kid ecstatic!) Have responsible adults in charge so everyone can sit back, enjoy the show, and remember why we celebrate Independence Day!