7 Ways to Ensure You Stick To Your 2022 New Year’s Resolution

Blog | January 2nd, 2022

There’s something invigorating about a fresh new year and new beginnings. The desire to make everything better is at its peak, including improving our personal world, inside and out. Even with the best intentions, New Year’s resolutions have a way of slipping through the cracks of life. Maybe our goals are set too high or we get back into our busy routines and in the comfort zone that excludes those bursts of energy and motivation. It happens to everyone, time and time again, promising ourselves and others that this is going to be THE year! So, how can we make 2022 different and ensure that we stick to our goals and follow through to the finish line? We’ve come up with seven ways for you to stay extra committed below.

Write to Remember

Christmas is all about making a list and checking it twice, so if it works for Santa it will most likely work for the rest of us. It’s easy to say we want to do this and that, but writing your goals down is like a contract, more binding. Don’t just grab a piece of scrap paper and scribble. Instead, get a dry erase board, write out your resolutions and hang it where it stays visible. The constant reminder will spark the push for each new day. As you check off your accomplishments you might even be motivated to add more!

One Step at a Time

Huge goals are great, but sometimes overwhelming and wind up in the gutter. If you take it a little bit at a time, you’re more likely to conquer and move onto the next milestone. Think of your resolutions in terms of making baby steps and progress day over day. Instead of biting off more than you can chew, begin with the easily attainable tasks and continue to climb that ladder one step at a time until you proudly reach the top and complete your goals.

Stay Accountable

Utilizing social media, such as Facebook, to stay accountable with friends or family is a great way to reach resolution results. Pick your own group or make a page to gather a daily account of your progress, or your slip ups. You can keep it personal between just a few or open it up to all of your friends which could prompt a wave of new year successes! By doing this, you’ll create a supportive team around you that will keep you driven towards your goals.

Shop With a Mission

If a better diet is your goal, start 2022 on the right foot and a full tummy. We all know to never go grocery shopping hungry! This is another time where making a list can be your best friend. After a satisfying, healthy meal, sit down and make your grocery list. Make it nutritious, healthy and while you’re at it, use this time to cut artificial ingredients and feed your body non-GMO and organic choices. This is a great first step to any diet plan. In fact, don’t think about dieting. Focus on feeling better by simply switching to clean eating. You’ll drop pounds and revitalize from these easy steps.

Talk About It!

The worst kind of habit, or lack of, is kept secret. That holds true with most things. If no one knows, slip ups will go unnoticed and fall into being accepted. Yes, we will stumble, we all do. Just get right back in that saddle of commitment and keep riding! Talking about your goals is a way of being accountable, where keeping it to yourself makes it easier to give up completely. Let others in on your journey and speak up loud and clear! The best way to spread resolution cheer is to say it out loud for others to hear!

Keep Track of Progress

It’s easy to look away for a day or two, but if you stay focused and committed every day you’ll know which direction you’re going. It’s a different ball game to erase one slip versus ten or more. Whether you’re striving for weight loss, gaining a larger bank account, exercising more, going back to school, or a desire to travel more, don’t let your resolution bucket list get buried under what’s left to do. Be sure to check off and celebrate each and every accomplishment. Encouragement goes a long way even if it’s patting yourself on the back! When you see the results leaning in your favor in any area, you’ll have the drive to keep going!

Reward Yourself!

There are World Series trophies, Super Bowl trophies, scholarships, and all sorts of rewards for a job well done. Your accomplishments should be no different! Encouragement alone will keep you from feelings of desperation. For example, knowing there’s a trip to the coffee shop at the end of a week or two of cutting down on caffeine will keep the drive alive to do better. Maybe you’d rather steer clear of any temptation, so if that’s the case, reward yourself with a new outfit, an outing, or whatever keeps you charged up and moving ahead to an amazingly accomplished year ahead!

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