9 Affordable Gifts On Amazon For Mom Or Dad

Blog | December 12th, 2018

As the holiday season approaches, finding the best gift for mom and dad can be difficult. To tackle this, we’ve provided some go-to gifts that, luckily, can be shipped with Amazon.


Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot

Whether for house parties or private get-togethers, fondue pots allow for a unique snacking experience. Nostalgia’s Stainless-Steel Electric Fondue Pot offers a high-quality, long-lasting fondue experience.

Nostalgia’s Fondue Pot has a 6-cup, or 1.4 liters, capacity, capable of holding melted cheese, chocolate, broth or sauces.

The blue-lit adjustable temperature control dial allows quick heating and cooling, and the cool-touch handles permit safe and easy handling.

Included in the set are six color-coded forks. The forks not only allow guests to serve themselves but ensures that the same fork is used for the same dippable snack. The stainless steel makes for easy clean-up and storage, guaranteeing that fondue pot can be used for numerous years.


Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Pizza lovers can rejoice. The Betty Crocker pizza makers allow frozen pizzas to be cooked to golden brown perfection in about 13 minutes. Thinner pizzas require even less time, so your parents don’t have to wait to dig into that veggie supreme.

This pizza maker may be more efficient than an oven since the whole oven doesn’t have to be heated simply to cook a thin pizza. With the smaller area, all the space is used.

What’s more, pizza maker makes more than pizzas. It can handle omelets, giant cookies, quesadillas, quiches and more. Anything can be made, as long as it fits inside.

Since the interior cooking pans are non-stick, clean-up only requires a quick wipe with a damp cloth. The Betty Crocker Pizza Maker is fast, fun, and energy efficient, making it a great gift to give this holiday.


iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

The Roomba is a smart-vacuum that cleans your house so you don’t have to. The robot has a patented dirt detect sensor to tell the Roomba where to locate high concentrations of dirt, and has a 3-stage cleaning system to pick up both small particles and large debris.

Your parents can monitor the robot’s battery life with the iRobot HOME app and set up cleanings with ease. For a clean home with minimal labor, an iRobot Roomba helps your parents’ house be free of dust or pet fur.


18 Karat Gold Plated Pen and Pencil Set

Everyone needs to write something. Why not write checks, letters or personal notes with customized stationery?

The 18 Karat gold plating is on the pen’s and pencil’s barrel and trim. Handling the pen and pencil is more comfortable with the rubber grip attached near the tip.

You can add your parent’s name, which shows up as a light brass color against the gold. Both the pen and pencil fit in a sleek black carrying case for presentation, and can make your parent’s office look much more elegant.


Portable Espresso Machine

If your mom or dad is a coffee addict, they won’t have to worry about going without caffeine ever again.

The Minipresso is compact, fitting into the standard car cup holder or the bottle pocket of any backpack. All the machine’s parts fit into its bullet-shaped frame, and you don’t need to use electricity, compressed air or N2O cartridges to get espresso on-the-go.

After filling the machine with coffee and hot water, the device requires eight pumps of the internal piston to build enough pressure to create espresso. The subsequent pumps deposit the coffee into the included travel cup.

No more standing in coffee shops and waiting miserably for the next cup of coffee. Your parent can always have coffee wherever they are.


Home Security Camera with Motion Detection

If your parents worry about the safety of their home while they travel, or just want to monitor the weather or any other outdoor activity, then outdoor security cameras will put their minds at ease.

The Blink XT cameras have built-in motion sensor alarms. When motion is detected, the cameras will send an alert to your smartphone, record a short clip of the event and store it in the cloud.

The cloud storage system is totally wire free and requires no monthly fees or service contracts to use. Each camera requires two AA lithium batteries, and the battery life lasts two years. Perfect for when you want to monitor your house’s safety.


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Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating

You never know you need an umbrella until it’s too late. Save your parents the discomfort of getting caught in the rain by giving them a compact, lightweight and high-quality umbrella.

Repel’s automatic opening and closing function allows one-handed operation, and the 9-rib construction offers wind-resistance against strong gusts. This umbrella will never turn inside-out, making it a quality investment that can be stored in their car, purse or backpack.


Washable Cotton Home Slippers

Made from a cotton blend, MAGILONA’s slippers provide a plush inner lining that’s perfect for the cold winter months. They have a waterproof, slip-proof sole, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

They’re machine washable and are sewn all the way around, not made of glue, so the slippers are sure not to crack. If your parents like to keep their feet warm around the house, opt for a high-quality pair of slippers for their next present.

Finding the right gifts to show our loved ones that we appreciate them can be a difficult task.  We hope our suggestions make your life easier and a little more manageable during this holiday season. Best of luck!