9 No Spend Valentine’s Date Ideas for 2021!

Blog | February 2nd, 2021

Valentine’s Day can be a high stress, high-cost occasion. Especially when you go out. Many restaurants, at minimum, double the price of their menu items on Valentine’s Day. Some change the menu completely to charge outrageous prices. Not only is the money cost an issue this year, but packing into crowded restaurants is also be a concern due to the global pandemic.

Whether your date is your special someone or a family full of sweethearts…there are ways to show your Valentine love without spending a fortune or creating unnecessary health risks! Here’s how you can have a healthy no spend Valentine’s Day!

Picnic a la Living Room

Turn your living room into an affordable, cozy dining area with a washable blanket on the floor. Grab your cooler and pack it full of picnic favorites so you don’t even have to get up. If you have a fireplace, start a fire and snuggle your loved ones close.

Love Sandwiches

Stop stressing about fancy food and focus on how you present it. Make simple sandwiches and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to trim off the crust. Your love filled sandwiches are perfect for a quick dinner or lunch at school. Garnish with some chips and enjoy!

Create the Atmosphere

Nothing says romance like candlelight. Fill an entire room with a loving glow by using inexpensive tea lights. You can get a pack of 50 for around two dollars at Walmart. Place them in different locations in any room. They are safe and will go out by themselves so no worries if you happen to fall asleep while you’re cuddled up, enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling from the peaceful ambiance. Any leftovers are perfect to have on hand if the power goes out!

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Bubbles and Sparkles

Surprise your sweetie after a long day with a warm bath of bubbles. Pair it with a glass of bubbly without popping expensive champagne. Instead, fill your festive glasses with an inexpensive bottle of sparkling water. You’ll have the fizz, bubbles and a tub full of relaxation for only a dollar or two.

Spread the Love

Plan ahead with heart-shaped love notes scattered throughout your special someone’s day. You can use computer or construction paper…whatever you have on hand. Cut the hearts free handed or use a cookie cutter to draw and trace your pattern. Write a simple, loving sentiment and put them in all the places that he or she is likely to find them. This is a perfect gesture for a sweetheart or your kids to fill their Valentine’s Day with love.

Dinner and a Movie

Nothing will warm the heart of the whole family like an inexpensive spaghetti dinner…and if you have kids…invite Lady and the Tramp! Everyone will fall in love with those puppy dog eyes and your entree will fit right in! If your family isn’t a fan of spaghetti you can try heart-shaped noodles!


Design your own cards or grab a pack at a dollar store. Use conversation hearts as your marker chips. They’ll make the game festive now and provide the perfect snack for later! Start a tradition that will be fun for the whole family and carried on through generations. Have a heart-shaped box of chocolates for the grand prize winner with a stipulation to share the “love”!


If you have a microphone and a speaker all the better. But if you don’t… improvise! Sing through an empty paper towel roll…one per performer of course. If you’ve had enough of silly love songs, make up your own! Just sing it with all your heart!

Valentine Charades

Same as the regular version but keeping it valentine themed is a must…hearts, love…you get the drift. Won’t cost a dime but you’ll have a barrel of laughs.

Stay safe, save money and relish the fact that Valentine’s Day 2021 at home was a tremendous success! And an inexpensive one!