Apps To Keep You Organized in 2023

Blog | December 23rd, 2022

We know how busy your life can get. Between balancing your job, friends, family, and unexpected events, it’s challenging to stay on top of everything. If you resolve to get more organized, many smartphone apps can help. 

In this article, we break down the best apps to keep you organized so you can stay productive in 2023. 


Trello is a project management tool, where you can track your to-do lists, events, activities, and communications in one place. As you go through every task, the app provides status updates so you can track your progress. 

You can assign tasks or activities to someone else, making it easy for families to stay organized. The app integrates weekly, so it’s easy to collaborate with many people. The app is available for free on any smartphone platform or online. 


AnyList is the best app for organizing your grocery shopping. Instead of getting home from the store only to realize you forgot something, your lists are all in one place. Your lists automatically organize themselves into different categories, making it easy to navigate the grocery store. 

AnyList is compatible with voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, or Google platforms, so it’s easy to add to your lists while out and about. You can also share your grocery lists with family members, so they can stay updated on what’s needed. AnyList is free in the app store, but you can purchase an upgraded version to access all the features.


Todoist is a great app for creating to-do lists in one place. When you add to-do items, the app color codes the list based on your priority levels. You can assign tasks to other people and cross out items once you complete them. 

Todoist gives weekly updates on your lists and goals, making it easy to stay organized in your busy life. Todoist is free for starters in the app store. 


RescueTime is an app that is designed to keep you on track. The app monitors how much time you spend doing various tasks and will send notifications on what to prioritize. It also tracks how long you spend on social media sites and other websites.

The lite service package is free of charge. If you find that your phone distracts you from other activities, this is the app for you. 


TimeTree is a great app to keep families organized. The app has one calendar which can be shared and edited by different family members or groups. 

As you add appointments or events, the calendar will integrate the updates on everyone else’s phone. This makes it easy to stay organized amid busy schedules. The basic platform is available for free in the app store. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a simple fact that staying organized with busy schedules is a challenge. Utilizing your phone is a great tool to stay on track. We’ve assembled our list of the best apps on the market to keep you organized so you can start 2023 off right. 

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