De-Clutter: Five Home Office Storage Solutions

Blog | January 15th, 2013

De-Clutter: Five Home Office Storage Solutions

Whether you may be at an office or at home all the paperwork at your place needs to be organized. But like any other chore, organizing all your home and office paperwork is a lot easier said than done!

Indeed, the unlimited stream of papers from bills, magazines and other miscellaneous objects can stack up and get easily buried in the clutter! If you need help you can find it here, with these five simple steps!

1. Grab a bill binder

If all your bills are in one place, then it will be a whole lot easier to stay organized!  You can use a three-hole pocketed binder to store and keep track of bills, payment coupons and some urgent to do bills. You can store house bill items as you receive them and take them out of your bill binder when they are paid. Plus, you can label your bill binder so that you can easily spot paid bills!

2. Organize your cords

You have a lot of cords, from electrical equipment to computer cords! You can organize them by having a standard plastic or maybe metal basket. All you need is to run all cords through this basket where they can get separated from each other inside. Once you have your basket, you can grab a roll of white tape and have each cord labeled! It doesn’t hurt to label each cord on the plug-head, too. Organizing your cords will help keep your space neat and tidy!