Easy Crafts Kids Can Make As Holiday Gifts

Blog | December 9th, 2022

Everyone wants to feel like a kid at Christmas. The reason for that is the magical memories found in the simple joys that come with the holiday! Sure, little ones love presents, toys, and Santa visits but deep down in their little hearts they want to give, too!

Modern toys are great but handmade, memories that were a blast from the past of adults, linger for a reason. There is something, sort of a mystery, that abides deep in those simpler times. Something that takes you back to when you first held that ornament or decoration in your hand. We may never know exactly what that is but we can recreate it!

Think back to your own childhood and the small things that made the sparkle of the season come alive, then pass them down to your own kids this year while in turn spending quality, unforgettable time together. What better gift is there than that?

Readers Digest Christmas Trees

In past simpler days, this craft was made by folding the pages of a Readers Digest magazine into a Christmas tree shape, then taking it outside to spray paint and add glitter. Stepping on crunchy leaves with a chill in the air and a can of spray paint and glitter in tow will take you back while bringing your kids up to speed with a craft and a moment that will be frozen in time for them as well! Stepping forward to 2022, the same joy, just a little spruced up, can be created with any paperback book…and here’s how!

Shrinky Dink Christmas Ornaments

This is an oldie but goodie! Shrinky Dinks are a craft toy invented in 1973 and reached the height of their popularity in the 1980s. Your kids will be amazed at the results and be proud to give them as gifts while you sink into the nostalgia from your own childhood! Get a holiday Shrinky Dink Christmas keychain set here to get you started!

Popsicle Stick Gingerbread Houses!

We’ve all made crafts from popsicle sticks and if we have kids, they have, too! Add a cozy, holiday touch and go from the super simplistic, plain version to a precious gingerbread house! Paint them brown and add magical touches like candy cane straws, glittery pom poms, shiny craft jewels to “light them up” and white glitter on white foam sheets for a frosted snow look. Take your creativity to a sugar plum level with a gift that will share the feel with others! Further instructions can be found here!

Salt Dough Ornaments

Children and adults have and will continue to indulge in the fun of a combination of baking and making! These ornaments will last for decades and how fun it is to look back years later at the treasures that tiny hands, grandma hands, and all others that molded and painted these lasting memories! The process is simple, basically mixing flour, salt, and water to give you a moldable material to shape and bake into any gift you desire. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it’s done!

Paper Chains at Christmas

Do you remember reluctantly walking into your elementary school classroom on a cold, dark dreary day? It seemed too early to be anywhere, much less school. As you entered, your classroom Christmas tree lit up the still somewhat dim room which helped lift your spirits. Then your wonderful teacher that understands kids pulls out the construction paper, scissors, and paste. You can still smell it, can’t you? Bring back those simple memories today, at home, on a dark dreary day with your own version of paper chains. Decorate your house or take them to grandparents, aunts and uncles, mom or dad’s work, nursing homes, and any place that needs a bit of light and love from the hands of a child! Check here for some inspiration!

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