Ten Dollar Store Items You NEED To Have a Successful Holiday Meal!

Blog | December 2nd, 2022

Though holidays mean much more than these, the parties, meals, and planning are undoubtedly a part that can’t be missed. With so many things to do and buy you can still cut corners and save big at a one-stop shopping place called the dollar store. (Be careful, because some stores by this name are full of items with a higher, several-dollar price tag.) And after all, having a successful holiday meal also means having an affordable one! Let’s check out ten items you’ll likely need to make your holiday fall beautifully into place!

Dishes and Dinnerware

It’s hard to find lasting dinnerware that doesn’t cost a fortune. Drop by the Dollar Tree and you won’t be disappointed! From plates to silverware to beautiful glassware you’ll find something made for each holiday season or you can choose to go with a basic option that can be used all year round!

Paper Plates and Products

While ceramic plates and real glasses are lasting, if you’re having a crowd at your house, paper options will provide extra help with less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the festivities and the company!

Silk Flowers and Decor

Real flowers are beautiful but oh so expensive! For a fraction of the price, you can decorate with faux flowers, greenery, leaves, and more that will last the whole season as well as years to come!

Kitchen Tools

When cooking and baking your fabulous meal, you will need the help of kitchen tools like spatulas, measuring cups, basters, and even scissors. Check out the huge, affordable selection at your dollar store and you’ll be ready to roll while you save some serious dough!

Basic Napkins

Though decorative napkins are a must for a beautiful table, you’ll be glad you have the more absorbent version on hand as well. Let the fashionable napkins do the job of making things pretty while these handle the sticky and hard-working tasks!


As guests arrive and drinks disperse, you and your furniture can rest at ease with the protection of coasters! The Dollar Tree has some beautiful, absorbent stone-like coasters backed with cork for double protection in keeping your hard work and holiday atmosphere safe and sound.


With flameless candles making the dinner table scene safer everywhere, batteries are a must! Stock up here for all of your battery-powered decor and soon arrival of toys from Santa to keep your holiday glowing!

Gift Bags, Wrapping and Cards

Holiday meals will likely be followed with some sort of gift-giving. Or maybe a gift for the host is in order. Why pay big bucks for gift bags and other wrapping supplies that will likely wind up in a landfill? Dollar store bags are absolutely adorable mixed with the beauty of the season while worthy of recycling for years! For those that won’t be home for the holidays, a card for less than a dollar will spread immense love and holiday cheer across the miles.

Candles and Lighters

Sometimes the flickering version won’t hold a candle to the real deal! The dollar store has a variety of candlelight dinner options including tapers to pillar candles. Then, of course, you’ll need a way to light them and their refillable lighters are a long-lasting, smokeless tool that will come in handy from holiday meals to lighting the fireplace to roasting marshmallows over the fire pit!

From Displays to Leftovers

With entertaining comes a lot of food. And with a lot of food is the need for pie plates, covered cake carriers, and all sorts of plasticware for leftover storage. From airtight containers for lunch box turkey sandwiches to sending a to-go box for someone that couldn’t attend…you’ll find just what you need and lots of them at the dollar store!

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