Fun And Free Things To Do On Labor Day

Blog | August 29th, 2017

Fun And Free Things To Do On Labor Day

Summer is at an end and families are making all kinds of plans to celebrate. With the weather cooling off and school starting, you definitely want to make the most of Labor Day and its 3-day weekend.

Instead of dipping into your savings for a vacation or trip to a theme park, save big by trying these free activities!

See a Parade

An extra day off is reason to celebrate, and most of the time, your city feels the same way! Parades are an opportunity for people of all ages to spend an afternoon with their community. Pack up some chairs, snacks and find a great spot ahead of time. Once you settle in, the show comes to you for free!

Take a Road Trip

Pack up the car and go somewhere new! Road trips offer the opportunity to make new memories for the relatively low cost of gas money. Try to find something interesting a few hours away from home so you have time to get there and back before work on Tuesday. Enjoy it even more by making a road trip playlist beforehand!

Camp at Home

Camping in the wild can be a burden to plan, but camping in your backyard is simple and fun! Grab the tent and some sleeping bags and create your own campsite a few feet from your house. Safely create a fire pit and enjoy the night sky with some s’mores for a more authentic experience!

Listen to an Outdoor Concert

Concerts are known to be expensive, but outdoor varieties offer the same entertainment in open venues, parks and gathering places. Bring a blanket and some food and just listen to the music. Even if an outdoor concert costs money, there’s likely a park outside the entrance that allows you to listen for free!

Host a Cookout

Get the neighbors involved and save some money with a cookout! If everyone brings a dish and some drinks, your whole street can have a great time for cheap. Buying and cooking that much food on your own would be time consuming and expensive, so work together to focus on the fun and savings.

Explore the Outdoors

Don’t forget that nature is always free to enjoy. The extra day off could be the perfect opportunity to commune with the outdoors while saving some money from your entertainment budget. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, swimming or camping, there are thousands of city, state and national parks all around the U.S. that are just waiting to be enjoyed.