Here’s 15 Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

Blog | October 16th, 2017

Here’s 15 Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is quickly approaching and nobody wants to be the person that doesn’t wear a costume. Whether you’re a Halloween freak or someone who just can’t wait until Thanksgiving, you want to have a costume ready.

Some people spend hundreds of dollars getting their costumes ready, but we’d rather save our time and money for other things. These costumes are perfect for the budget-conscious people out there that still want to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.
  1. Mummy. A classic costume that just requires a few rolls of toilet paper and a tendency to walk stiffly. There’s no denying how cheap this costume is to make!
  2. Mime. One of the most enjoyable cheap costumes we know of, especially if you like to practice your acting. All you need is black pants, a black and white shirt and some face paint!
  3. An Average Killer. The scariest costumes are the ones that look vaguely familiar. Add some fake blood and an improvised weapon to any normal outfit or work uniform to pull this off!
  4. Tropical Tourist. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii or another tropical location, you’ve seen visitors wearing shorts, flip-flops, straw hats and a tropical shirt. You can even add a camera and lei to improve the costume!
  5. Witch or Wizard. Whether you prefer Harry Potter or Hocus Pocus, this costume is a classic. There are hundreds of examples to choose from, but some are cheaper than others!
  6. (Mad) Scientist. We love saving with one-piece costumes, and if you have a lab coat, that’s good enough. But you can impress your friends and family more by adding crazy spiked hair and some “experimental” accessories!
  7. Play on Words. A deviled egg. An identity thief. A fork in the road. A ceiling fan. Get creative and wacky by wearing something that represents a word or turn of phrase that you love!
  8. Athlete. If you ever played sports before, you can relive the glory days and save on a costume in the process. The more obscure sport the better!
  9. Zombie. We’ve all looked in the mirror on a Monday morning and witnessed our inner zombie. This costume takes it a step further with ripped clothes and lots of makeup!
  10. Artist. Creating art isn’t easy, but pretending to be an artist isn’t hard at all. Nothing says artist more than a unique personal style and an assortment of paint-riddled clothes!
  11. Ancient Greek Citizen. The civilization that started Western culture sure knew how to dress. Turn a white sheet into a toga and throw on a headband made of leaves to party like Aristotle!
  12. Fortune Teller. A trip to the thrift store is in your future if you roll with this costume. Pick up cheap and colorful clothes, plastic jewelry and scarves to look the part. Get some bonus points by preparing some vague fortunes to tell your friends on Halloween!
  13. Produce. Becoming a life-sized fruit or vegetable is a simple and cheap costume that everyone will understand. We like trying to dress up as pineapples, strawberries, grapes and carrots!
  14. Vampire. One of the cheapest things to buy in a Halloween store is a set of vampire teeth. Once you grab those, all you need is black clothing and a touch of fake blood to round out the costume!
  15. Pick A New Career. Plenty of careers out there offer you the chance to find an interesting Halloween costume! Some cheap possibilities include a farmer, doctor, construction worker, chef and journalist.