Homemade Christmas Gifts To Start Making Today

Blog | November 18th, 2019

The goblins are gone and the holidays are officially upon us. It takes some deep thought to find a lasting gift that will be truly treasured. Saving money is an obvious plus. That’s where homemade comes in. For most recipients, it isn’t the size or the cost that brings happiness…it’s more about what comes from the heart. Homemade will fit that bill…and it’s time to get started!

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Craft with a Purpose

Is a move in someone’s future? Is part of their heart going to be left in that home? Scout around to find some twigs and bits of nature from the yard to make a wreath. Turn a piece of siding that’s to be replaced into a picture frame. Root a bush from the yard for planting at the new home. In other words, take a little piece of their home and turn it into a gift they can take with them. Each time they look at it they will know they never completely left “home”.

Family Photos

There aren’t many gifts that can hold a candle to a photo of complete togetherness. In many cases, it isn’t easy due to distance and schedules. The earlier the planning, the better. Schedule a date for everyone to gather together with your selected photographer. Save on costs by letting a friend do the honors. Be dressed and picture ready so you can be done in a snap. The rest is easy…choose your picture size, select your frame and let Walmart or any photo lab do the printing. If some family members absolutely can’t make it…go with other options. A photo of just the kids, or grandkids only. Individual families would work for grouping several photos together. In that case, the missing attendees can take their photos wherever they are. This gift can go to mom and dad, grandparents or make several sets for each participating family. Although the money spent will be minimal, the gift will be priceless!

T-Shirt Quilt

Do you know someone who’s closet is full of shirts they never wear? They can’t part with them because they hold a special memory. Possibly a child’s little league shirt, a once in a lifetime vacation, a shirt with a cause or one from a loved one gone too soon. The list is endless but the result will wrap the recipient in love and warmth indefinitely! Simply follow the instructions of the shop of your choice. Etsy is a great place to choose from. In 2-3 weeks, you will receive a beautiful, ready to give a gift that’s still holding on to every memory.

Soup Cozies

Can you sew? Have you ever tried to hold a hot bowl of soup? If your answer is yes, this gift will illuminate the light bulb in your mind like a Christmas tree! Customize with a favorite team logo or pick your fabric to match the recipient’s decor. This gift will be a favorite and used for years to come!

Personalized Coupon Books

Not time consuming to make…but you’ll give of yourself as it’s used. We’ve seen the kid versions, but make this one a gift to get excited about. Give a tired mom and dad a few nights out with a free babysitting coupon. Or a “dinner reservation” where you make and deliver a home-cooked meal. A full yard grass cutting would be a godsend for an older person or someone who struggles to find the time. Use your imagination and focus on each recipient’s situation to customize a book of gifts that will give all year long… with no expiration date!

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