How Shopping Smart Following Easter Could Make Working From Home Easier!

Blog | April 12th, 2020

Unless you’re among the rich and famous, most of us hunt for holiday bargains. Easter festivities looked a little bleaker this year without the freedom to gather, dine out, or shop. You may have found yourself ordering expensive alternatives to your usual purchases. With budgets and resources being tighter, here are ways you can shop smarter following Easter 2020, especially if you spent more than you would have liked in order to celebrate the holiday! But don’t let the “Sunday scaries” of working from home set in just yet. We’ve also come up with a solution to quiet the house, occupy your kid’s day, and allow you to focus on work!


Any unexpected stays at home usually mean eating delicious, homemade meals! But going to the grocery store has never been such a burden, until recently. Using curbside pickup will get your groceries home safely and you will be amazed by how much time you save. Time slots fill up fast, so planning ahead is key! With fewer in-stock options, you will want to create your list and place your order in the days following Easter, while many are still enjoying leftovers! What used to be next day has turned into next week pickup in many places. So be sure to order before your refrigerator and pantry are empty. Another bonus to ordering online is preventing impulse buying, which can cost you a bundle! A meal is much more enjoyable when you’ve stayed on budget. So until your curbside pickup arrives, make the most of your Easter leftovers!

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With a few tweaks, this can be a real money saver. A child’s Easter basket is one of the most magical parts of their Easter experience. If you don’t have a well-built, re-usable Easter basket, consider purchasing a sturdy basket now that Easter is behind us. It could pay dividends and save you a decent amount long-term. Hobby Lobby often has 50% off sales. One way to redesign your child’s Easter basket is to purchase a dollar can of spray paint in your child’s favorite color. Spray paint the basket different colors and use it year after year. Without needing to purchase a new basket every year, the money you save can go towards the goodies inside. And by the time your kids are all grown up, those baskets will be a priceless treasure they will forever cherish from their childhood!

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Now that you have a lasting basket, you deserve a second round of candy too! Easter candy is so specific that stores tend to have plenty left on the shelves long after the holiday has ended. So candy lovers have something to be very grateful for! Cash in on all the Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and name-brand Easter candy that is now out of season. Add to the discounted shopping by buying Easter socks, cute T-shirts, plastic eggs, and more!


Working from home this last month has often left us feeling scrambled and out of sorts. Gearing up for Easter added to the distractions. We’ve got a way to help you start your work week on the right note. Now that you have your groceries ordered, baskets, candy, and plastic eggs, it’s time to keep the festivities going! Fill up your newly purchased plastic eggs with that second round of candy. The cost of filling each individual egg typically adds up fast. But not this time, since all your materials were borderline freebies! Get started hiding eggs in new locations around the house for a second Easter egg hunt for your kid to embark on, while you take care of your work obligations! This Easter egg hunt can occupy your kid’s time and attention, while you answer calls, host meetings, and fulfill your work from home obligations.

After all, we could all use a little extra celebration during these difficult times. We hope you had a wonderful Easter and were able to catch up with family over FaceTime! 🌸 🐰

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