How to Have a Fun, Safe & Inexpensive Halloween 2020

Blog | October 14th, 2020

As with most things, Halloween 2020 is looking a bit spooky. For the first time since the 1930’s trick or treating will take on a different spin. But don’t despair we won’t let a virus scare us away from making Halloween special even if we have to pull some different tricks out of our bag! At the same time, we can keep it safe, without costing a fortune!

Trick or Treat Anyway

Just visit the homes of close friends and family. You might have to travel by car but that’s ok. It saves on tired feet and cranky little ones. Sync up ahead of the big day so friends know you’re coming. Opt for quality over quantity to give the little goblins treats they’ll be super excited about rather than a bag full of tasteless candy or mini chocolate Easter bunnies. Yup, that’s happened!

Haunt Your House

Have cousins, well-known superheroes, and little creepy crawlers over to join the siblings for a Halloween haunted house. Use inexpensive spider web to make the party room look old and creaky. Strings of purple and orange lights will add to the mysterious decor. Play a CD of Halloween sounds to create the perfect atmosphere of fearsome fun! These are also available for free on YouTube. The Dollar Tree is loaded with tombstones, partyware, and everything else you need to create a whole lot of creepy!

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Add Some Fright to Your Mealtime

Continue on with the haunted house theme and make it a family meal. Keep it simple with grub like spider web pizza, mice in the garden (salad), and cheesecake ghosts. Other great options are Green witch fingers, (jalapeño poppers) pumpkin puke with scarecrow scabs, (pumpkin dip and ginger snaps), and bloody boo burgers! (BBQ sandwiches with extra sauce) Team up your imagination with your tastebuds. You’ll be frighteningly surprised at what you’ll come up with!

Fill the Night with Fiery Magic

The kids will forget the door to door disappointment when a bonfire lights up their eyes, more safely known as a campfire. Roast some severed fingers (hot dog) on a stick and lay them to rest in a bloody bandage. (bun and ketchup) Have some ghost skin (potato chips) on the side followed by a dessert of making s’mores. Send them on their way with a goody bag of favorites and there you have a very successful night of treats with no tricks needed!  When the fog settles, you’ll be thrilled at your own treat of a full wallet!

Winter has Sleigh rides, Give Halloween Hayrides!

Fill the truck bed with a bale of hay and take the kids on the spookiest fun ride of their lives. Fill a plastic pumpkin bucket with candy and illuminating glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces. Place at each child’s designated spot. Add a blanket to ward off the bone-chilling wind. Pop in a CD of howling wolves, night owls, and thunder. Or make creepy noises yourself from the front seat. Find a safe dirt road or large piece of land for a sweet, glowing, slightly scary yet amazingly fun night to remember!

Keep a Not So Close Watch Out!

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a neighborhood that you know well, just a few tweaks can keep some normalcy in your night of fright. If it’s not a dark and stormy night, stay outdoors. Place safe distancing “danger” tape markers leading up the driveway and to the cauldron of treats. The giver wears gloves and a mask which should be easy given it is Halloween! Go the route of giving, not taking by dropping goodies in the bags yourself over the kids grabbing their own. And there you have it, a socially distanced, safe, semi-normal trick or treating! Stay distant. Stay safe. Trick the Covid and make this the best Halloween ever!

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